They announce measures to guarantee profitability of deposits

The Central Bank promoted a series of measures that, starting on Monday, will tend to guarantee the positive profitability of peso deposits in the financial system, it was officially reported today.

This resolution, addressed to financial entities and arranged through communication 7018, includes both “companies as well as people and agricultural producers who liquidate the harvest,” according to spokesmen for the entity.

It was resolved to “raise the interest rate for the Badlar and TM-20 fixed terms (they were between 18% and 20%), which changes to 26.6% of the annual nominal rate (TNA), which is equivalent to 70% of the Leliq rate. “

That rate applied to human persons up to $ 4 million and now extends to all fixed terms, that is, any fixed term has that return of 26.6% TNA.

“It means a monthly effective rate of 2.22% (it is 0.7 points higher than inflation in April and is above any private inflation forecast) and an annual effective rate (TEA) of 30.10%,” they indicated. .

In addition, an incentive was generated for banks to go out and capture DIVA (Variable Interest Deposit) deposits linked to the price of cereals and oilseeds.

“It is to attract producers who have liquidated the harvest since November and who will be able to make these placements. These deposits accompany the evolution of the price of soybeans,” said the Central Bank.

In this way, any deposit in the financial system has a positive profitability and the guarantee that they maintain the value of the harvest for the producers who liquidate the guarantee.

Lastly, it was resolved to allow check deposits at the window, in order to facilitate the management of companies that must deposit significant amounts.

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