these are the 20 most outstanding phrases of Alberto Fernández

The head of state decided to extend compulsory isolation, highlighted the role of the state and was tough on businessmen “who fire people”

After receiving the support of all the governors, President Alberto Fernández decided this Sunday to extend the mandatory quarantine ordered by the advance of the coronavirus until the end of Easter, and asked for toughness with employers who fire people.

The President held a videoconference with the provincial leaders and reiterated that health will prevail in the economy in his plan against the pandemic.

The following are the main phrases of the head of state when announcing the extension of compulsory isolation:

– “We are a unique case in the world, which decreed quarantine as soon as the cases were known.”

– “The initial results are good, they encourage us to continue on this path.”

– “I am very happy with how we behave as a society.”

– “We were able to stay in our houses and take care of ourselves. More than 90% of Argentines have complied with the quarantine.”

– “All the data say that the virus completes its cycle in the human body between day 10 and day 14. By prolonging the quarantine, we will have achieved that the cycle of development of the virus in the human body is completed up to twice.”

– “We are going to extend the quarantine until Easter ends.”

– “We are buying time and we are making good use of it.”

– “The State will be more present than ever.”

– “I ask the comrades from the poorest neighborhoods to quarantine and take great care of their elders.”

– “I am going to be very hard on those who speculate on this situation and on those who fire people. No one here saves themselves.”

– “What it is about for many of those entrepreneurs is to earn less, not to lose money. Well, guys, the time has come to earn less.”

– “It is a moral rule that we have as a society.”

– “We are doing everything we have to do, not the Government, the Argentine society.”

– “This is a path that is beginning and we are not guaranteed any results.”

– “If we know that if we fulfill certain things, the pain will be less”.

– “It is a war against an invisible army that attacks us in places where sometimes we do not wait.”

– “We will be preserving ourselves as a society. I invite you to work together. I thank you for all the effort you have made; this path is just beginning, there is much ahead. What we know is that if we comply with certain things, the pain will be less” .

– “We are doing many things for the economy not only guaranteeing money to the most vulnerable sectors but also destined for SMEs.”

– “We have to attend to the situation of the poorest neighborhoods. We have to guarantee the arrival of food.”

– “If we comply with certain things, the pain will be less.”

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