there will be new measures to restrict circulation

“Today we saw a greater influx of cars and it is necessary to reinforce the controls,” said Minister Sabina Frederic after the meeting that was held in Olivos.

The Minister of Security, Sabina Frederic, announced that new measures will be adopted to limit “much more” the movement of vehicles in the Metropolitan Area and especially at the entrances to the City of Buenos Aires.

In a press conference that she gave in the Quinta de Olivos after meeting with the president of Alberto Fernández, the official also reported that since the quarantine began, the federal forces arrested 2,226 people and kidnapped more than 600 cars.

“We transmitted to the president the results of the controls carried out in the last week and especially the control that was carried out from March 20 throughout the national territory. I remember that on March 17 the Unified Security Command COVID was formed -19, made up of the cabinet of the ministry and delegates of the security forces. It deals with the requests, conflicts and demands that come to the ministry, “said Frederic.

Mario Farinón (General Prefect), Juan Carlos Hernández (head of the Argentine Federal Police), Andrés Severino (head of the National Gendarmerie) and José Glinski (director of the Airport Security Police) also participated in the meeting.

“That command receives complaints from 134, which was enabled for complaints from those who should be serving quarantine. We have received 2,500 calls, of which 10% correspond to those complaints that we crossed with the Ministry of the Interior. 200 operatives to certify that the people who came from abroad are serving quarantine, “said the minister.

And he added: “There were 41,346 notified people, 106,321 controlled and a total of 621 kidnapped vehicles. These data, of course, are important to the President because they account for the commitment of men a few meters from the city of Buenos Aires. It is necessary to reinforce these controls We are going to be inflexible with those who are violating quarantine, which is the way that the State has found to prevent the spread of the virus. We are going to introduce new mechanisms so that the effectiveness is even greater. “

Today was especially critical, because it was the first test -after the long holiday- to know the level of effective compliance with the social, preventive and mandatory quarantine that was available from Friday at 0 o’clock last.

The result discouraged him: in the midst of the collapse of the accesses to the Federal Capital, he issued a warning to those who do not comply with the isolation: “We are going to arrest them and we are going to remove their cars; they are unconscious,” he said.

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