There are already three deaths from coronavirus in Mexico: Jalisco registered the first fatality

At noon this Monday, the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, reported the first death in the state due to coronavirus. This is a man of 55 years old with diabetes.

He was 55 years old, had diabetes and obesity, and being this case in Social Security, We hope that your authorities can provide more information. The only case already confirmed with the presence of the coronavirus, ”said Alfaro at a press conference.

The death means the third nationwide by Covid-19.

The governor reported that there are 45 confirmed cases in Jalisco, 41 with symptoms and 4 asymptomatic. There are only two people hospitalized, one in a private hospital and the other in ISSSTE facilities.

“There are none in hospitals run by the state, but we are prepared”, he explained.

Another important element in the evolution of the pandemic in Jalisco is the first positive case outside the state capital. “We already have the first case outside the Guadalajara metropolitan area. A young man from Seattle, in Cuautla ”.

The work of the state government “begins to land across the state. We are in a new moment“He expressed.

As part of the Jalisco Covid-19 Plan to counter the Covid-19 epidemic, Alfaro reported two important actions. The closing of flights to the airports of Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta to countries and states that have decreed a sanitary fence, and massive tests.

Today flights from places with sanitary fences are suspended. The Airport Group has powers to do this ”.

Alfaro clarified that flights with cargo and merchandise are not included in the measure.

Without mentioning the federal government, the official pointed out to the governments that they have been left with no hands and have allowed flights from all over the world to reach Mexico.

“I do believe that the Jalisco government has to send a message that we have to end permissiveness.”

“From all those places where a sanitary fence has been decreed, flights are no longer received. As clear and as forceful, I am doing what is my turn, “he added.

Regarding the implementation of massive tests, the governor said that he has half the kits available nationwide.

“We don’t want to be blind. 5000 kits will arrive in Jalisco, half of which will reach the entire country. “

Alfaro was forceful and said that without eagerness to fight, he disapproves of the inaction of other governments that act without specific data.

Map of the coronavirus in Mexico

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