The youngest children ask people to stay at home, serving the quarantine

Since the quarantine Last Friday, many photos and videos of families who told what they did to pass the hours.

There were choreographies at pure rhythm, gym classes, board games, virtual birthdays and cooking classes.

Now, the smallest of TN and The People are the ones who shared their videos telling the importance of staying home and giving encouraging messages.

Juan Andrés is 10 years old years and plays soccer in Misiones. She misses training and hanging out with friends. But he understands the importance of staying home. “To be able to go for a ride first you have to be champion,” was his message.

Paloma and Selena are twins. Paloma suffers from systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis and asks you for them and for everyone to stay home.

– These little brothers live in Villa Urquiza and they encourage all of us to stay home to take care of ourselves.

Alma is five years old. She understood the importance of not going out and explains why we should all do it.

Ashanti is nine years old and sets the example by staying at home.

– These guys are five years old and they go to garden N.E.N.I 2021 from the city of Posadas in Missions. Their teachers put together a video for us to meet and gave an encouraging message.

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