The United States will sanction the Nicolas Maduro regime for its ties to international narcoterrorism

The US Department of Justice is preparing an announcement about Venezuela and legal measures against Chavista regime officials, linked to crimes of drug terrorism.

According to the statement from the prosecution, in the press conference at 11 (local time, 15 GMT) will be announced “important measures related to international narcoterrorism

Chain CNN advanced that the Justice Department plans press charges against dictator Nicolás Maduro and designate Venezuela as a “state sponsor of terrorism”, a category that is currently only used against four other states: North Korea, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

The State Department has repeatedly stated its accusations against Chavismo’s alleged criminal activities.

“How does the regime … receive money? We know that this behavior is as if it were a poster. It is like in the past, when it seems that he leads something that looks more like a drug cartel than a government, “said Mike Pompeo, head of US diplomacy, in January.

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