The United States recorded 1,561 new deaths from coronavirus and the total amounts to 93,406

Photo: REUTERS / Brendan McDermid
Photo: REUTERS / Brendan McDermid

The United States recorded 1,561 new deaths on Wednesday from Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, bringing the total to 93,406, according to the latest count by Johns Hopkins University. The number of positive cases, meanwhile, was 23,604, which brought the total figure to over 1.55 million.

The country continues to rank at the top of the grim daily list of broadcasts. However, Brazil, whose growth curve is on the rise – compared to that of the United States, which is facing a slow decline – could surpass it in the coming days. In fact, the South American country today registered almost 20,000 positive cases.

The United States has also suffered the highest number of deaths globally. And according to an average of predictive models released Tuesday, approximately 22,000 more people will die from the disease in the next 25 days.

“The new forecast for cumulative deaths in the United States for June 13 is approximately 113,000, with a 10% chance of seeing fewer than 107,000 deaths and a 10% chance of seeing more than 121,000,” the Forecast Center said. COVID-19 from the University of Massachusetts on their website.

By June 20, with a greater margin of error, the bleaker models indicate that the number would grow to 163,000 fatalities, nearly double the number in mid-May.

The projections come at a time when all the states of the country are moving at different speeds towards the lack of confidence and the reopening of their economies, although they have all taken some step in this regard.

The last of them was Connecticut, which this Wednesday implemented the first relief of measures, since the order to stay in homes is no longer in force and allows the opening of shops and restaurants.

While Washington DC still has a similar order in place until June 8, the US capital does not belong to any state. The governors advanced at different speeds. Some, like Georgia and Texas, opted for an abrupt reopening, while others like New York, California and Pennsylvania allowed a lack of confinement only in the least affected areas and where there is already a clear decrease in the contagion curve.

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