The Union training ship will visit 10 countries in a new Peru expedition

The Union training ship, which serves the training of cadets of the Peruvian Navy, will leave the country for the second consecutive year. This ship will carry out a new Instructional Trip Abroad (VIEX -2017) that will last six months from today. In that period, the Union ship will arrive at 15 ports in 10 countries and will represent our nation – as an embassy – in other territories.Follow @socie_ECpe

In total, 83 third-year cadets from the Peruvian Naval School will travel the world on the Union training ship. The goal is for them to complement their theoretical knowledge with the acquisition of marine skills. Cultural and protocol activities will be held in each port to reinforce friendship with the armed forces of other countries.

The expedition will be under the command of Captain Franz Bittirch Ramírez. In addition, officers, technical personnel and four foreign officers from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Canada will travel. In addition, there will be four cadets from the Army, the Air Force, the Peruvian National Police and members of the diplomatic corps.

Until November 8 they will visit the ports of Balboa and Colón (Panama); Jacksonville, Norfolk and Boston (USA), Charlottetown (Canada), London (England), Hamburg (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Le Havre (France); La Coruña, Cádiz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Colón and Balboa (Panama), and Guayaquil (Ecuador).

In each of the places to which the Union ship arrives, the doors will be opened for citizens to visit and tour the compartments of the Peruvian sailboat. Likewise, dissemination activities of our rich ancient culture will be carried out with information and itinerant exhibitions.Tweets by Sociedad_ECpe

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