The UIA insisted on the obstacles to imports and the payment of freight

The Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) raised again on Tuesday the problem that affects the import of inputs and the payment of services for factory production, although it did not obtain clear definitions on how the situation will evolve.

The board of directors received at the institutional headquarters the visit of the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development, José Ignacio de Mendiguren, the Secretary of Commerce, Matías Tombolini and the head of Customs, Guillermo Michel.

The business delegation was headed by the head of the UIA, Daniel Funes de Rioja.

During the meeting, “needs related to access to imported inputs for production and the generation of mechanisms that guarantee the production process during the coming months were raised,” the entity said in a statement.

The meeting agenda also included “issues such as the definition of payment terms and the importance of urgently finding solutions to streamline the payment of services abroad”, such as freight and technical services, which are affected by the latest regulations related to to transportation and logistics.

In the morning, technical representatives of the UIA departments and Customs officials agreed to form a working group that comprehensively addresses both issues.

The different sectors transmitted the financial needs in terms of foreign currency, terms of capital goods, among other relevant issues.

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Sectors such as the chemical sector expressed their concern about the suspension of anti-dumping measures, which are a method of legitimate defense of competition within the framework of the WTO.

In addition, “the difficulties generated by the regimes recently established by AFIP in many SMEs were analyzed, especially those associated with the chain of suppliers of mining, food and cosmetic activities, in terms of notification deadlines, new information requirements or registration, among other matters related to the tax pressure on the formal sector”, listed the UIA.

At the end of the meeting, the parties addressed “the need to facilitate access to credit and the centrality of incorporating capital goods with the aim of promoting the process of productive investment, essential to advance in the challenges of competitiveness,” said the UIA. .

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