The UBA opened its first school outside the Federal Capital

About 130 students will inaugurate on Monday the first pre-university school of the Buenos Aires’ University (UBA) outside the Federal Capital, in the Buenos Aires town of Escobar, which will also be the first school to include Comprehensive Sex Education (ESI) as a curricular subject during its six years.

The “Ramón Antonio Cereijo” He had, for his first school year, more than 500 students in his admission course and only 129 of them were selected to become first year students. The school is named in honor of the teacher who was the finance minister of the government of Juan Domingo Perón, when in 1949 the gratuity of the public university was decreed.

The building has 5,000 square meters is located at the corner of Cervantes and Sanguinetti in the town of Belén de Escobar and was funded by the municipality. The headquarters were designed with avant-garde and sustainable criteria, spaces where students can take bachelor’s degrees in Digital Graphic Art and Design, and in Natural and Environmental Sciences.

The first rector of the school, Leandro Rodríguez, said that the institution “was born from the initiative of the mayor of Escobar, Ariel Sujarchuk, and for the University of Buenos Aires represents open his first pre-university school outside the City of Buenos Aires, in which Carlos Pellegrini, the National Buenos Aires, the Lugano technique, the Agronomy agrotechnician and the ILSE already work “.

“Pre-university schools are defined by their link with the university and their main purpose is not only to form committed citizens, but also students prepared for university life,” he said. In that sense, he added that “these schools have demanding admission courses and are also experimental schools for new pedagogical dynamics and study programs.”

Rodriguez said that “the academic offer was configured by a territorial requirement, since Escobar is a party where everything related to the Environmental sciences It is very present; and the Bachelor of Arts and Digital Graphic Design has to do with a look towards the future of the school. “

The institution “aspires to have a strong interaction with the educational community of Escobar to exchange experiences and share resources such as the training that the UBA can provide,” he said. Then he mentioned that throughout his career he was 8 years vice rector and 4 years rector of the Carlos Pellegrini, which is a school with 130 years of history. “When my term was over, they offered me this challenge and I accepted it with a lot of emotion and knowing that the enormous task of building the school from scratch is ahead,” he said.

“At the public call to form the faculty they presented 950 applicants and in addition to reviewing the roles of course coordinators and preceptors, this school will also be Argentina’s first to include Comprehensive Sex Education as a curricular subject in the six years, “he said.

“Further, we double the language time load and we include a subject called Transversal Project, in which the boys – each year – will integrate content from other subjects. This year, for example, they will work on integration projects between the contents of English, Theater and Language Practices, “he added.

The rector stressed that “the students are also going to be able to choose how to build your academic trajectories from a system that assigns a score value or academic credits to each subject “.” The school building counts with 14 classrooms, laboratories, music room, art room, dining room, a central courtyard and a sports center with official sized courts; but besides that it is a sustainable building with natural light throughout the day, a green roof that will soon be an organic garden and will have solar panels, “he said.

“The community showed a lot of enthusiasm with this project, because when this school did not yet have a headquarters, 500 boys were enrolled in the entrance course, and for the edition of this year’s entrance course we are already going for a similar number of registrants”, Rodriguez completed. The mayor of Escobar, Ariel SujarchukHe said they are “going through the final stage of the realization of a dream” and they do it “by welcoming the students who will make up the first litter of the pre-university college.”

“We are pleased to show the new authorities of the Province the effort we have been making for quality education, not only for Escobar’s party but for all Buenos Aires,” he explained. The communal chief added that “the responsibilities are shared: of the authorities that carry out the educational program, of the teachers, of the officials, of the students and of their parents, because together we must forge this model of school”.

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