The tow truck brought him the car, he spoke of coronavirus when paying the fine and they activated the protocol

An unusual event took place this Wednesday afternoon at an offender beach located in Recoleta. A man approached the place to demand that his car be delivered to him and complained with a very particular argument: he said that if I had coronavirus“I had wandered everywhere” to find the vehicle. The local staff isolated him and called the Police. “People are psychotic”, denounced the protagonist of the episode in dialogue with TN.

The man’s wife, identified as Omar, The 67-year-old said that everything started when the tow truck “took his car without giving notice.” Angry, the couple went to the beach of offenders to withdraw it.

The staff of the place reported that, when paying the fine, the man stated: “If I have a coronavirus, I walk around to get the car.”

In this situation, from the beach of offenders they activated the COVID-19 protocol, isolated the man in a cabin and requested the intervention of SAME.

In dialogue with TN, Omar reported that when he arrived at the place, he made a comment referring to the fact that He had been “four hours looking for the car throughout the city because they did not leave a paper.” “I asked the girl who attended me why my car had been removed if it had always been parked there and she warned me that since Monday they were taking vehicles,” she said.

“She told me that I should have read the Official Gazette to know it. So I said to her: ‘I am an older person, could be asymptomatic, How come I have to be moving? ‘”Omar said. It was after saying that that the staff isolated him in a booth and called the police.

“I said this for personal safety, as if saying that I could be on the street infecting anyone, What do we know? “Said the man. In addition, he denied the versions that were circulated claiming that he had previously had COVID-19.

Hours later, SAME staff arrived at the scene and tested the man: negative. Finally, he paid the corresponding fine and left the place with his car.

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