The tender letter that a boy wrote to a police officer to let him travel to see his grandfather

Jonah and his grandfather “Coco” they are inseparable. They spend a lot of time together sharing soccer games, watching little pictures on TV or doing homework. But since March 20, when the quarantine began for the coronavirus, they are not visible. And they miss each other very much.

The baby of He lives with his family for 8 years in the Pampas town of Victorica., and his grandfather 10 kilometers, in Telén. Despite the distance, before the quarantine, they visited each other almost daily and are very friendly. In early April, Jonah told his mom to go to the police station to ask if they could go out to visit him.

“I listened to him and went to the police station, but they told me that I could not leave or move because social and compulsory isolation prevailed. I came home and told my son. At first he was ill, but later he understood,” he said. Angie in dialogue with TN and The People.

But the desire to see his grandfather led him to write a letter to the police asking permission to go visit “Coco”. And she told her mom to take her to the police station.

Jonah and his beloved grandfather José “Coco” Montenegro. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

“Mr. Policeman, my name is Jonah and I wanted to ask permission to go to Telén to visit my grandfather whom he has not seen for more than 50 days. And I miss him too much. We make video calls and talk on the cell phone, but I need to hug him, play ball and miss his roasts. Please let me go? I promise to take care of myself and stay at home, “the boy wrote on a sheet of notebook.

Jonah and his grandfather playing a soccer game. (Photo: TN and La Gente).
Jonah and his grandfather playing a soccer game. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

Jonah’s mother told how the baby the announcements of the President, the Governor or the Mayor are not lost, because he is attentive to see if they say something about the relaxation of the forties and so he can go visit his grandfather. He gets sad when he finds out that he won’t be able to go for now.

“Every night we made video calls but when I cut it was so sad that I decided not to do it anymore. Now they talk on the phone. ‘Coco’ is not the boy’s biological grandfather, but since they saw each other there was a special connection. There are no blood ties here, but since they met they are inseparable, “said Angie.

Jonah and his grandfather sharing an afternoon of games. (Photo: TN and La Gente).
Jonah and his grandfather sharing an afternoon of games. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

The woman has not yet taken the letter to the police station, but the police saw her on social media and the commissioner promised to answer him. So now Jonah is very hopeful that in a short time he will receive the authorization to travel those 10 kilometers that separate him from his grandfather.

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