“The technocrats will not like it”: López Obrador will present an alternative parameter to GDP that will measure happiness

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The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said Thursday that he is working to present a new economic parameter: an “alternative index” to the so-called Gross Domestic Product, based on the well-being and happiness of the population.

“I am working on an alternative index to Gross Domestic Product, which will measure your growth, but also well-being and degrees of social inequality (…) It will also measure happiness; technocrats won’t like it ”, indicated the Mexican president.

López Obrador reiterated that there must be growth with culture, well-being and happiness.

“Growth is of no use to us if growth is not accompanied by equality, it is not growth for growth’s sake, so democracy must be added to growth in the formula. Because if you grow up in a dictatorship: what is it that you are sacrificing, because freedom, and not that, there must be growth with honesty, growth with well-being, growth with culture, growth with happiness ”,

The Mexican president referred that there are nations where the happiness of its citizens is measured, and that in Mexico a different measurement system will be applied to measure if there really is well-being.

“There are countries where the level of happiness is measured and that is part of well-being, I am developing the formula, we are going to apply it in Mexico it is a different measurement system and perhaps we also contribute to have other parameters in the world, to be able to know if there really is well-being, because progress without justice is setback ”he explained.

López Obrador added: “It is not just about accumulating wealth, and even less if it is about accumulating wealth in a few hands, it is important to distribute income, wealth, that is, well-being, then it is a contribution that we are going to make.”

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