The sale of motorcycles, another victim of the quarantine

With 10 days less, because the records closed on the 20th, the sector suffers a sharp drop in patents and the paralysis of plants

According to the survey carried out by CAFAM, the chamber that nucleates the main terminals of motorcycles In the country, as of March 20, the date on which the mandatory quarantine was declared, 19,778 units were patented. With this figure, the total so far in 2020 is 68,983 units.

According to the results, this represented a decrease of 10.14% compared to the previous month and a 36.65% less than in the same period of 2019. Since the mandatory quarantine was declared, the national motor vehicle manufacturing industry halted its production, adding concerns to a sector that has already been hit.

The total number of motor vehicle manufacturing terminals in the country is 14, who halted their production activities in their industrial plants, until the end of the mandatory storm drain that has just been extended to April 13, as a measure to contain the advance of COVID -19.

Faced with this complex scenario, CAFAM indicated that “We support and comply with the measures being taken in order to protect the health of the population and combat this ferocious pandemic. We understand that the Government has acted in time and firmly with measures that were necessary “, according to Lino Stefanuto, president of the entity.

Although there has not yet been an evaluation of the economic impact of the measures and future scenarios, they understand that it is essential to start and maintain a fluid dialogue with the competent authorities within the National and Provincial Government. Meanwhile, the managers of the terminals they are in permanent communication and joint work.

“In these weeks the focus has to be on health and only when the quarantine period is over can we begin to look ahead, and analyze viable measures and tools so that the sector can fundamentally take care of jobs. The motorcycle industry It employs 3,000 people directly and 10,000 indirectly, as such represents an important industry, strong and committed to the country, for this reason we trust that we will be able to add professionally on all the issues that will allow the sector to be supported, “continued Lino Stefanuto.

According to CAFAM data, in March 2020 91% of the patented motorcycles were of national origin and 9% imported. The provinces with the most patents were Buenos Aires with 5,436, Santa Fe with 2,414 and Córdoba with 1,692. They are followed by Chaco with 1,257 and CABA with 989.

While those with low displacement continue to be the most sold: with 9,600 patented units of 110 cc and 3,369 of 150 cc. And as for the categories, it widely leads the Ranking of the best sellers: the CUB with 10,981 units, followed by the STREET with 4,798.

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