The Province and the CAF promote a plan to innovate in industries

The Ministry of Science and Technology of the Province wants to deepen the culture of innovation in local companies, for which it will bring one of the main events on this topic in the region.

The idea is to start with the industries of metallurgical and agricultural machinery with a meeting that is scheduled for next June. If the result is good, it will advance with other key sectors for the provincial economy, such as tourism, agribusiness and agri-food, among others.

The event in question is Innovation Week CAF, which is carried out by the Development Bank of Latin America – previously called the Andean Development Corporation, hence its acronym CAF – in different countries of the region.

The organization, with headquarters in Caracas (Venezuela), implements programs for companies to incorporate into their products or internal processes the so-called R + D + i, that is, research plus development and innovation.

“These events involve a week of work with CAF consultants, to strengthen regional industries by linking them to the knowledge economy,” said Gonzalo Valenci, secretary of Productive Technology Linkage.

Although everything is conditioned to the evolution of the coronavirus, the event would take place from June 1 to 5, for which purpose, at the end of this week, it will begin to communicate it to the Chamber of Metallurgical and Component Industrialists of Córdoba – it gathers autoparts, manufacturers of construction materials and producers of agroparts – and to the Association of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery, Agro and Components (Afamac).

The intention is to bring together the innovation benchmarks of 40 Cordoba companies to carry out a series of workshops, with the idea of ​​following their trajectory later and thus evaluating the results, according to the official.

There they will make a self-diagnosis, review the processes and generate proposals. Then, they will work for 90 days with CAF consultants to finalize the implementation of the innovations.

In this regard, Valenci clarified that these sectors were chosen since they are considered “strategic”. Afamac together with the Chamber of Computer and Electronic Industries and Components (Ciiecca) participate in another program, Mate 4.0, for the implementation of technologies of the so-called “industry 4.0”.

Innovation Week is a program carried out by CAF together with the Chilean organization Transforme Consultores. At the end of the month they will hold an event of this type in Uruguay, in this case for construction, and in April they will do the same for Paraguayan firms.

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