The PRESIDENT’s son discussed the QUARANTINE with his father in Olivos: what he said

Through a live broadcast on the social network Instagram, Dyhzy how is the day to day in the farm of Olivos and how is his father

Installed in the Quinta de Olivos with his father, Estanislao Fernández -also known as Dyhzy- made a live transmission through his networks and told how the quarantine lives.

On Wednesday, the head of state told the “Cortá por Lozano” program that his son decided to move with him and Fabiola Yáñez to Quinta de Olivos to go through the mandatory and preventive quarantine of the coronavirus.

“My son is here with me, he came because he lives alone and before the quarantine begins he came to stay here with me. ‘You could already see that he was not going to eat any more all these days. He came looking for someone to bring him food , to wash his clothes … but it’s very good, “joked the President.

On March 20, minutes after the official announcement, Dyhzy received a call from her dad. “Why don’t you come with me to Olivos?”, He proposed and the young man did not think about it and went with his father.

Through a live broadcast on Instagram, Dyhzy how is the day to day in the Quinta de Olivos and how is his father.

“My friends asked me what was going to happen, because there was a lot of talk about mandatory quarantine. But, real, I didn’t know anything. I found out on TV,” he said.

“People think that I found out earlier, but it is not like that. My father called me after a few minutes, offered me to come and I told him that I had my cat’s problem. He said: ‘Bring her here, there is a place.’ here we are, “he said.

“I never lived with my dad. I am very grateful to have been able to come, because I can go for a walk in the parks for example. In my apartment, which is small, I don’t know how I would have taken it,” he said.

He also thanked the team that works in Olivos: “The reality is that I am not used to it and I do not like to ask for anything. I honestly could not live here, it is gigantic. In my house I do not have a domestic servant. I am a simple person. I do not like to ask anyone for anything, not even money for me. old”.

“I want to thank the people, who are being very responsible and understood the magnitude of everything. I am also a monotributista and it affects me economically and labor. Now I am not working, many jobs fell out. But at the same time, I understand that quarantine is necessary, “Dyhzy explained.

My dad had told me come, that we are going to be together. But the reality is that he is working all day. He stays until five in the morning talking on the phone, seeing everything and at six he wakes up to meet with a minister. It doesn’t stop. We have a few minutes a day to share, “he revealed.

Asked about the way his father addresses Argentines, Dyhzy acknowledged: “He behaves real as he acts with me. He warns me if he thinks that something I am going to do can do me wrong and that translates it a little to his work. my case, for example, gives me his point of view and then it is up to me to do it or not. But if it goes wrong, he does not get hooked and says fuck me. He is there and gives me a hand. now. I did it with me and my cousins. “

Then, he told a funny anecdote about coexistence: “We kept arguing, obviously. The other day I told him that I wanted to cut my hair and that I was going to do it by myself. He said: ‘Don’t be stupid, you’re ugly enough’ “

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