The official dollar closed at $ 70.68 and the cash with settlement rose 0.6%, to $ 110.54

The official dollar closed this Thursday at an average of $ 70.68 for sale to the public, with an increase of five cents compared to the previous day, while in the stock market the cash with liquidation (CCL), whose operation culminates in coincidence with the closing of the Stock Market, it marked a rise of 0.6%, to $ 110.54.

In today’s round, the MEP dollar was also on the rise, in this case 1%, at $ 106.65 per unit, while in the wholesale segment the currency advanced nine cents and ended at $ 68.45. (See Quotes).

Thus, the dollar with the surcharge of 30% – contemplated in the Country tax – ended the round with a final value of $ 91.86.

For its part, the so-called informal dollar or “blue” fell $ 4, an average of $ 123 per unit.

Gustavo Quintana, analyst at PR Corredores de Cambio, indicated that official activity was intense in the penultimate round of the week, “making sales that supplied the authorized demand, simultaneously with his usual intervention in the futures markets.”

“The exchange rate correction of the date kept the rhythm of the previous days, again softening the depreciation of the peso,” added the specialist.

(The Voice / File).

Finally, Quintana estimated that today’s official sales totaled around US $ 100 million.

The volume operated in the cash segment was US $ 226 million and operations for US $ 10 million were recorded in the MAE futures sector.

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