The Government froze rates for fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and cable TV until August 31

The Government ordered the freezing of telephone, cellular and fixed rates, Internet access and cable television until August 31. The announcement was made by Claudio Ambrosini, head of the National Communications Authority (Enacom).

The measure, according to the official, was taken with the agreement of the companies in the sector, which in turn promised not to fire any of their staff until the same date.

“The Executive Power resolved, with the agreement of the parties, to suspend the rate increases for cellular telephony, fixed telephony, Internet at home and pay television until August 31. It is a measure that will alleviate all Argentines, since in these moments of pandemic it has been determined that communication is considered an essential service. We are very happy to have arrived at this solution, ”Ambrosini said.

The resolution, said the official, came after a meeting in which President Alberto Fernández participated. “We are very satisfied with what has been resolved and we believe that it will be for the benefit of our country,” he added.

Likewise, the decision not to touch the rates was complemented by others for those who cannot afford the current bills, even with the freeze.

For those who cannot access to continue paying this service, we have implemented complementary services, very similar to what they had, in postpaid, prepaid and internet services at home, with which the package of measures covers all the needs for these times, “said Ambrosini.

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