The Government declares a health emergency for one year

A decree indicates the temporary suspension of international passenger flights from the affected areas during the 30-day period

In an extensive decree, the Government of Alberto Fernández resolved this Thursday to declare a health emergency for one year, in addition to the mandatory 14-day isolation, the suspension of flights and other preventive measures aimed at preventing the spread of the spread of coronavirus in the country. , where there are already 30 confirmed cases.

This was confirmed by official sources, at a time when the Executive Branch “is finalizing details” of the text that will be published shortly, with the signature of all Cabinet ministers.

The decree establishes “the public emergency in health matters for a period of one year,” and the Ministry of Health is empowered “as the enforcement authority.”

In addition, it fixes “the suspension of international passenger flights from the affected areas, for a period of 30 days

As preventive actions, there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine, “period that may be modified by the enforcement authority according to epidemiological developments”, for those who have the status of “suspected cases”, or have a history of travel to areas of circulation of the virus.

Also for those who “have medical confirmation of having contracted COVID-19”, their “close contacts”.

“In case the breach of the indicated isolation and other obligations established in this article are verified, the officials, health personnel, personnel in charge of educational establishments and authorities in general who become aware of such circumstance, must file a criminal complaint to investigate the possible commission of the crimes provided for in articles 205, 239 and those of the Penal Code, “explains the text to which NA had access.

In addition, “countries affected by the pandemic are declared to all countries in Europe, the United States, South Korea, Japan, China, and Iran”.

Regarding massive events, the Executive Power “may order the closure of museums, sports centers, game rooms, restaurants, swimming pools and other places of public access; suspend public shows and all other massive events; impose security distances and other necessary measures to avoid crowds. “

Meanwhile, the decree affirm that “people who present symptoms compatible with COVID-19 must immediately report this situation to health providers.”

The Ministry of Health confirmed this Thursday the first three cases of coronavirus of local transmission in Argentina, that is, in people with no history of travel to risk areas but who were in close contact with people who contracted the disease abroad.

The report of the health portfolio indicated that ten new cases were diagnosed today, including the three mentioned above, bringing the total in the country to 31, counting the patient who died last week in Buenos Aires.

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