The Government confirmed that it will announce RELIEF MEASURES for the MONOTRIBUTO

President Alberto Fernández announced that he is preparing a battery of measures to bring relief to the informal sector and the monotributistas

President Alberto Fernández announced “social, preventive and compulsory isolation” throughout the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, due to which there are already 128 infected and three dead in Argentine territory.

Due to the impact quarantine will have on the economy, He announced that in the coming days they will unveil measures for the informal sector and the monotributistas.

“After having a long meeting with the Governors, we have made the decision to issue a DNU by which all Argentines and Argentines from 0h tomorrow must submit to preventive and mandatory social isolation. It means that from that moment all he has to stay at home, “he said.

“The economy will slow down” due to the announced measures, Fernández said, but made it clear that “we are prepared.”

In this regard, he made specific emphasis on those who work in informality. “We have all seen that there is a sector that up to now we have not adequately served and I want to bring calm to all of them. It is the informal sector and the monotributistas. In the next few days we will be issuing rules that will ease the moment for all of them, “ clarified the president.

So far, the aid package announced by the Fernández government did not include almost two million taxpayers made up of monotributistas, self-employed workers and small companies.

Within the informal sector are those who work in black. This is between 35 and 40% of employment in Argentina. Difficulties in accessing them is one of the main problems for which state aid is delayed and even does not arrive.

The task within the Government will be to manage to activate a package of measures that will make it possible to mitigate the economic retraction that will come due to social paralysis.

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