The fear of a millionaire trial and the miraculous call of Claudia Villafañe: the incredible story of the shirt that Maradona wore when he returned to Boca

An image, a memory and a story. The special of First Football who published Netflix activated the nostalgic memory of Alexander, a young fan of Mouth who grew up listening to his father’s anecdotes and his curious undertaking that became a rage in the world xeneize.

The nineties advanced and the era of pizza with champagne was increasingly established in the Argentina. The moment of the economy threatened local merchants and imports threatened to lower the blinds of SMEs due to the lack of competitiveness in the market.

One of those affected was Gerardo, who for those years was in charge of manufacture of balls and sports clothing in San Justo. The red numbers on balance sheets They increasingly worried the small business owner, and demand was not enough to cover costs. Therefore, when Diego Maradona Return to Mouth An ingenious and unknown man entered his premises in the western area with a particular request: “I need you to make me 1,000 t-shirts with this design“Said the mysterious character, while showing him the shirt that reflected the world star with Claudio Caniggia wrapped with colors blue and gold.

Gerardo He took the order with enthusiasm, but when his client went to pick up the product a few days later, he found another disappointment.

—I can’t pay you, my idea is that you give them to me to settle and when they sell you take a percentage of the profits.

-Than? I can’t give you all these shirts without you paying for them. The truth is that I don’t know you and I don’t work like that.

“But I can’t pay you now.”

“Then unfortunately you can’t take them.”

Since there was no agreement, Gerardo kept the 1,000 shirts and a new headache. There was concern and uncertainty. Fear of bankruptcy lurked and the production of the shirts seemed to bring about the definitive closure of their business.

His only hope was based on a call to an acquaintance who was selling official products from Primera’s teams. After explaining what happened and “the nail” that they left him in recent days, he managed to send him 10 t-shirts to display on his premises.

That person was close to Claudia Villafañe, who was surprised when she saw her husband next to the Bird in a T-shirt that the only legitimate thing I had of Mouth were the colors. Another conflict appeared to be on the horizon.

Sure enough, a phone call from The Claudia paralyzed Gerardo. “Do you know that you are taking advantage of Maradona’s image without having your rights?Was the question that rang from the other side of the line that rang like a time bomb against the small businessman. The possibility of a millionaire judgmentMore debt and economic devastation seemed to destroy the hopes of family entrepreneurship. However, the agreement he proposed Villafañe brought tranquility to all involved. A miracle.

They passed 48 hours when Claudia he communicated with Gerardo to ask for the 10 t-shirts that he had seen in his friend’s business and that he also did a donation of 25 special balls for the blind to an entity in which she collaborated.

The merchant’s happiness was unmatched when he watched his idol through the television screen in the shirt he had made. “We couldn’t believe it. We saw him when he went to Bonbonniere and when he appeared with Charly García. We looked at Claudia in the boxes of the field with that shirt and we did not understand anything ”, he recalled Alexander, who at that time had 8 years.

“My old man had become so scared with the possibility of the trial that he could not understand what was happening,” he continued in dialogue with Infobae; and clarified that in no time Claudia Villafañe such a threat materialized.

The story was all the rage on social networks and the request of the fans of Mouth to bring it back to the market, that shirt captured the attention of entrepreneurs. However, Alexander He maintained that “today times are different, because Claudia is no longer with Diego and the image also involves him Caniggia “. “At that time my dad stopped making it because the demand fell and he was still afraid of a possible trial.” However, that initiative helped him save the business.

Today the company moved to Hummock and changed its production to the manufacture of clothing and articles “for work”, moving away forever from the sporting field. “When I saw him Maradona Say to Toresani the phrase of Segurola and Habana I went crazy, because I was wearing the shirt my old man had made ”, the son of Gerardo, who regretted that his father has not kept even a piece of all the products. His only heritage related to his past gape is the wonderful anecdote he had with him Ten and his wife.

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