The emotion of Mery del Cerro and Meme Bouquet for their baby: “A pretty one in all this madness! We met Cala ”

Mery del Cerro you are in the final stages of your second pregnancy. The model and her partner, Meme Bouquet are already parents of Mila, 4 years. Shortly before delivery and in the middle of the mandatory quarantine for the coronavirus, the couple presented the little Cala’s face on social networks.

“A pretty one in all this madness! I wanted to share the ultrasound where we could meet Cala and know that everything is within normal parameters “, wrote the DJ on his official Instagram account. “In fear of bringing our new daughter to the world in the midst of this pandemic, these days were intense and delicate,” he added.

“Since last week we have isolated ourselves at home worried about everything that happens in the world and in our beloved country. We pray a lot that the vaccine is found quickly and does not bring more infected. Hopefully it is solved as soon as possible and we can continue with our normal life. That it bring the collateral damages as slight as possible since our Argentina does not resist so long as well ”Meme pointed out.

“Let us be aware and responsible with the quarantine, the way out is solitude and respect for others. Let’s be together and take care of each other ”, ended the publication that so far has obtained more than 56 thousand likes on Instagram.

The estimated due date is April 22, although it could be before or after that date. The actress recognized that in this second pregnancy she was much more scared and persecuted. “I needed to reconfirm that everything was fine. So, I needed to do ultrasound scans more often, something that had never happened to me before, ”he said in an interview with the magazine. People.

Then she explained why they chose that name for their second daughter: “We love short names and we have defined it from the start. Mila and Cala were divine and Meme loved it. In addition, it is a super cute flower, just like the meaning of the word, it is a name of Arabic origin, and it means castle or fortress ”.

Mery stated that she wants to have a respected birth, like Zaira Nara Y Paula Chaves. This issue generated a rift between the famous who are for and against. “It doesn’t mean giving birth on the floor, without doctors. When we talk about respected childbirth, it is respecting the woman and respecting the baby at the moment of birth. It does not have to do with giving birth without anesthesia, although it can also be. It is being able to decide what you want, “said the model.

Virginia Gallardo, who will become a mom soon, also showed herself in favor of respected childbirth: “Humanized childbirth refers to being informed, having the tools and knowing that, when the time comes, there is a law that protects us. It refers to the way of attending to the birth process, always prioritizing the mother and the baby as the sole objective, respecting the physiological times of each one “.

While Zaira, mother of Malaika and Viggo, explained: “Luckily today things have progressed a lot and much more respect is given to the woman who is going to give birth and to her baby. That does not mean that only a natural or humanized birth is the only option to ‘be respected’ I have many friends with births who have undergone surgery because that was the best thing for the baby and that mother at the time. And they, their process and their baby have been respected. And that is the important thing, choosing a team of professionals and knowing that you are in the best hands because many times there are last minute decisions that are necessary to save one or both lives “,

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