The eighth march of Ni Una Menos against sexist violence and in demand for an independent Justice began

began the eighth march of Not One Less to the National Congress. The call against sexist violence is carried out in different parts of the country and this edition focuses on economic violence that influences gender-based aggression.

Through a document that will be read this afternoon at the closing of the meeting, feminist organizations march under the slogan “alive, free, out of debt and in the streets we love each other”. They also claim for a non-patriarchal Justice and against the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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“40 years after recovering democracy, we say: ‘nor there is democracy with a Judicial Power at the service of economic power and conspiring against the social and political organization, criminalizing its referents; there is no democracy with external debt or under the control of the IMF; there is no democracy with these levels of poverty; there is no democracy if social protest is persecuted and stigmatized!’ ”, indicated the text released to the press.

Starting at 10:00, thousands of women joined this mobilization that takes place year after year. The meeting point was in Plaza Lavalle, in front of the Palacio de Tribunales and from 2 pm they moved towards the Congress.

Not One Less: traffic cuts in CABA (Photo: Pexels)

The first march was organized in 2015 after the femicide of chiara paezthe 14-year-old teenager who, two months pregnant, was murdered by her boyfriend, Marcelo Mansilla, 16 at the time.

The defendant was sentenced to 21 years in prison, however, recently the Criminal Appeals Chamber of Rosario reduced the sentence to 15 years in prison, of which he has already served 7.

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March Ni Una Menos: the map of blocked streets in CABA

Product of the mobilizations, there will be closed streets to transit in the City of Buenos Aires starting at 12:00 this Saturday June 3:

central mobilization point

  • surroundings of Congress.

concentration points

  • Av. 9 de Julio and Belgrano
  • Av. 9 de Julio and Av. de Mayo
  • Av. de Mayo and Salta
  • Alsina 1223
  • National Congress

compromised perimeter

  • Av. Leandro N. Alem – La Rábida – Av. Paseo Colón;
  • Av. Independence;
  • Av. Entre Ríos – Av. Callao.
  • Av. Corrientes.

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