The dispute between a group of mayors and Axel Kicillof for the quarantine: they ask for greater openness to revive the economy in the municipalities

The extension of the quarantine by the President Alberto Fernández Until May 24, he finished tightening a rope that was already stiff. At one end is the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof; on the other, a good part of the mayors who have their own weight in the Buenos Aires suburbs. The reproaches are both ways, and varied. Some communal chiefs no longer hesitate to show their discomfort through press releases released from their own communes by the delay of the president for the “Trade and industry openings”, as promised in the last press conference that he shared with the head of state and the mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

In other municipalities, such as La Matanza, the difficulties are different. They cannot contain the neighbors who de facto break the quarantine to go out and set up street stalls. Unlike some of his peers, Fernando Espinoza prefers that further activities be delayed further. “We cannot use public force to make people stay in their houses. It turns against us, ”he acknowledged before Infobae one of his collaborators. Anyway, they know that the district is a breeding ground for COVID-19: concentrates the largest number of settlements and deprived neighborhoods of the Conurbano. However, it also needs some activities to be opened, although it is not made public. In its territory, one of the largest leather goods centers in the province is concentrated. There are hundreds of SMEs, along with the small glass factories, that have not yet been enabled to work.

Intendants of the north and west areas agree that during the beginning of the pandemic Kicillof distanced himself from Fernández: while the President maintained that there was no choice between health and the economy, the former head of the Treasury Palace called for a balance between the two. Now he is aligned to the first president.

“The mayors are voracious. They are outlaws. If they can, they eat my liver. If they even get together to see how they can keep the provincial co-participation they collect “, he was heard to say it to Kicillof. The phrase is not an exaggeration: they return to the attack with staying with a higher percentage for the collection of the automotive tax (patents).

In La Plata they perceive each movement of groups of mayors as a move against them. An example. The provincial president learned through the media that a group of community chiefs of the Everyone’s Front, made a videoconference with Rodríguez Larreta and the infectologist and presidential adviser, Fart cahn, “To share experiences and work on a single message”, according to themselves they spread. The coordinator of the move was Jorge Macri, the cousin of the former President.

“What only message do they have to download with Horacio?Ironically, the governor asked one of his collaborators who later spoke with Infobae.

The Peronist community leaders were four Federico Achaval (Pillar), Juan Andreotti (San Fernando), Leo Nardini (Malvinas Argentinas) and Ariel Sujarchuk (Escobar). On the screen were also his “yellow” colleagues, Macri and Gustavo Posse (San Isidro).

The health secretaries of those municipalities and representatives of the municipalities of Tigre and Exaltación de la Cruz were also online.

Rodríguez Larreta, supported by Dr. Cahn, assured them that the opening of new items in Buenos Aires territory does not create any kind of danger for the virus to spread in the municipalities through the men and women who move to the Federal Capital to work. .

“The coronavirus is already circulating. We must maintain social distancing, wear a face mask and hand hygiene, “the infectologist. No news on that side.

These mayors, who belong to the first electoral section, They enthusiastically see how the head of the Buenos Aires government differed from Kicillof in terms of the selective opening of the quarantine., despite the cases of coronavirus that continue to plague the most vulnerable neighborhoods of its territory, such as Villa 31, in Retiro, and 1-11-14, in lower Flores.

According to official data, not even adding the positive coronavirus cases in these four communes do they approach the patients registered in the most vulnerable neighborhoods of CABA, which already exceed 900.

San Fernando, to put just one case, registers only 39 infected by COVID-19.

Such is the eagerness to start reactivating the local economy, that in those communes their own shopping apps were implemented – as already reported Infobae– where closed activities are included, such as shoe stores, among others.

That position differs from several of the mayors of the third electoral section, made up of, among others, the municipalities of Almirante Brown, Avellaneda, Berazategui, Berisso, Esteban Echeverría, Ezeiza, Florencio Varela, La Matanza, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Magdalena, Presidente Perón, Punta Indio and Quilmes, which They prefer a moderate opening, as proposed by Kicillof and President Fernández himself.

So much is the difference in criteria that some mayors have with others, and the governor himself, that at the end of the videoconference with Rodríguez Larreta, Andreotti sent the newsrooms a newsletter in which he maintains: “From San Fernando we are waiting for the decree of what was announced by the Governor to present the different protocols for the opening of businesses, and also of some industries so that they can function in the district.”

The phrase seems to be a clear criticism of the “slowness” of the Buenos Aires administration in taking these measures, although those close to Andreotti deny it before Infobae.

In the same statement, the community chief added: “During this week we will be communicating news to each neighbor indicating what activities they have the possibility of working -always asking for the necessary security protocols “, something that has not happened yet.

“We know that in the future the economic situation of each municipality will become more complex, and the government of the province also knows this and we have no doubts that it will be working with the municipalities and offering us their help,” the mayors of the car named “North Region 2”.

Axel is slow. Despite the emergencies, it delays what it announces or its officials do not know how to implement it. And I speak from experience ”, reflects a mayor of the western zone, who maintains a distance with some of the economic and health policies applied by the governor, and explains: “We have already traveled paths that the new officials have not yet traveled. When they buy a jean, we already made it a chinstrap ”.

A union pope, with impeccable dialogue with most of the conurbation’s mayors, and with Kicillof and Alberto Fernández himself, who also spoke with Infobae, He interprets: “When Axel and his officials were getting comfortable, the coronavirus exploded in their faces. They are doing what they can and doing it quite well. Prioritize health over the economy. Alberto marked that path, and Axel followed it. The contradiction is that at first, Kicillof, spoke of taking care of the economy, that is why some boys criticize him at the time that the collection collapsed and they do not reach the money that turns them into the province and that is not a little, a billion pesos monthly to distribute among the 135 municipalities according to the needs of each one ”.

From the governorship they are implacable before this medium when they are made to know that there are local leaders who assure that they do not have money or to pay the salaries of their bulging staff of public employees.

“That they use the silver they have in the fixed terms of the Banco Provincia. During the management of the ‘Hechicera’ (by María Eugenia Vidal) they did business by investing in different instruments used to avoid currency devaluation “, shoot and provide concrete figures:

La Matanza, 8,400 million pesos; San isidro, 90 million; San Miguel, 643 million; San Fernando 147 million; Lomas de Zamora, 637 million; Malvinas Argentinas, 200 million; Admiral Brown, $ 475 million; Lanús, 669 million, among others.

“If we had not formed that fund, we would have already had a phenomenal fiscal crisis. We use it to cover holes, social demand has been getting worse month by month since 2018, we use it for that. We take advantage of the high interests that Banco Provincia granted to benefit the neighbor, ”they defend from the Espinoza environment.

The district that ruled Veronica Magario until arriving at the vice-government it is a powder keg. She, Kicillof, Espinoza and Alberto Fernández know this. All observed images taken by cell phone of the residents of Matanzas from early morning going out to the streets to set up street stalls, street vendors, impromptu fairs and even to open shops that are not enabled. They fear that the pandemic will explode in the district with the largest number of poor and destitute in the province.

The same occurs in Quílmes, but unlike any other reference of the Front of All in the suburbs, Mayra Mendozaaligned to The Camp, she is played by Kicillof. That was the first district where Argentine Army troops were deployed to distribute hot meals to those most in need. There also began detections of coronaviruses by the provincial Ministry of Health.

The strategy is to detect cases and avoid outbreaks in vulnerable sectors in the neighborhoods where increases in positive cases of COVID-19 were reported, such as in “La Matera” and in the “La Paz” neighborhood.

Families from the “Sargento Cabral” and “Los Amigos” neighborhoods of San Vicente were also tested; and “La Fe” from Lanús.

In the next few hours there will be special operations in La Matanza, since together with Lanús, San Martín, Merlo and Moreno, they have the highest number of infections registered so far.

The concern in La Matanza is that in the last hours 26 new cases were detected and the total number of infections reaches 175. And to add more drama, a patient who was hospitalized ran away and took refuge in the home of a relative in La Tablada. The case led to the mobilization of ambulances and health professionals who appeared to have arrived from NASA.

As you can see, everyone agrees that health and life come first. But the economy, the drop in collection, the municipal fiscal reds, unemployment and poverty that knock on the doors of the mayors, the stopped commercial activities are an erupting volcano that already causes sparks between the government and the municipalities, regardless Party ideologies and colors. And that, at least for now, the pandemic seems to be under control. At least that is what the infectologists who advise the head of state say.

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