The detainee for running over and killing a woman in Luján tested positive for breathalyzer

The expertise carried out on the accused of run over and kill They revealed to a woman in Luján that he was drunk at the moment of impact. Furthermore, according to reports, the man had a criminal record: he had been in prison for five years.

This was reported by sources in the Prosecutor’s Office No. 9 of Mercedes, who is carrying out the investigations into the case in which Julio César Giovaneto is detained. The man will remain in the First Police Station in Luján until the imputation of the crime is defined.

It all happened on Thursday, when Verónica González, a teacher and mother of two teenagers, went out to buy from a distributor near her house, on Calle Constitución in 1900, in Luján.

When she returned to her car with the bags, she was run over from behind and died instantly. Giovaneto did not stop and escaped. However, a policeman in civilian clothes chased him and arrested him.

The case, which was initially labeled “wrongful death”, could change to “aggravated wrongful death” or “eventual intentional homicide”, due to the aggravation of speed, the abandonment of the victim and the consumption of alcohol. these cases the defendant could face a sentence ranging from six to 25 years in prison.

To this, we should add the penalty established in articles 205 and 239 of the Penal Code, for having violated the quarantine. “We want justice to be done,” asked Malena, the victim’s daughter, in dialogue with TN.

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