“The coronavirus can only be faced with a present state”

The president stressed that measures have been taken in a timely manner and was satisfied because the “vast majority” is complying with the quarantine

The governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, referred this Sunday to the measures that the Government is implementing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and highlighted the coordinated work and initiatives that the Province is carrying out.

“There is no written manual and it is a virus for which we do not have vaccines or remedies known worldwide. We are building the ship while we are sailing,” said the provincial president, who added: “There are measures that have been taken in a timely manner in the right time, like establishing quarantine, that saves us time and we can work to expand the health system. “

Regarding the measures on the economy, Kicillof indicated: “60% of people living in poverty live in the Province. We apply income and food distribution measures. When we suspend classes, we leave schools open so that children can go get your food. “

In addition, he stressed that the “vast majority are complying” with the mandatory quarantine and appreciated that “people are informed of what is happening and are very careful because they know that it is the only way not to get infected and not infect others.” He also pondered the work of “the security forces, national, neighborhood and provincial” that “are working to ensure that it is carried out.”

“Just as the economy is in a state of great deterioration, so is the health system. There are many measures that we take to have more highly complex beds, common beds and also beds in isolation centers, we are preparing over time that we win with the measures to restrict movement, “said the provincial president.

Kicillof remarked that he is “in agreement with the response of the entire political leadership, including the opposition, taking care of what needs to be done” and indicated: One of the lessons that the international experience gives us is that without coordination it is very difficult to face the pandemic, that is a positive fact because we are working in coordination so that when it arrives with more force it finds us the best unemployed possible “.

In this sense, the Buenosairean governor emphasized that “solutions are being sought with a present State that cares for and protects, that is with those who need it most, in absolutely extraordinary circumstances.”

On the other hand, he stressed that “an important part of the communication and journalism workers are taking the situation seriously” and “they are showing a high degree of responsibility, also exposing themselves to fulfill their social function.”

“We are very proud of the response and the samples of solidarity and help to the other, those who offer to do the shopping for the neighbors, the elderly, all of this has been enhanced, the people are carrying this out with great courage “he concluded.

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