the clinical approach to urgency and pandemic

In the midst of quarantine, the Italian Hospital detailed a health strategy prioritizing emergencies and coronaviruses.

Following the modifications that arise from the new needs generated by the pandemic, the different health actors They were establishing adequate strategies. Thus, the international criterion adopted consisted of generating a emergency containment framework and prioritize care measures for patients with suspected or confirmed coronavirus.

This strategy seeks, simultaneously, to achieve a correct attention to diseases causing serious health consequences, adapt to the health priorities defined by state governments, while protecting the staff of the entities against exposure to the virus.

In line with the above, the Italian Hospital issued a statement establishing the decision to align health strategy towards a model that prioritizes detailed lines. The measures adopted are essential for the containment and management of the pandemic, since global epidemiological control can only be achieved with the coordinated cooperation of each of the health actors.

On the other hand, faced with the aforementioned situation, the entity clarified that the number of employees in a relationship of dependency that reaches a payroll of 7,062 including doctors, nurses, technicians, instructors, administrators, among other collaborators; will receive a 8.4% salary increase corresponding to April and 5% to May 2020 to complete the 53.8% foreseen in the joint agreement. In order to accompany non-dependent personnel and face the current situation, a 12% reduction in the fees accrued in the months prior to the pandemic was agreed for them.

It is important to remember that the decision to reduce benefits by concentrating the attention to urgency and pandemic, far from being a benefit for this type of entities, implies a strong reduction in collection that they usually receive for the scheduled benefits that are performed. For this reason, these types of entities are in the difficult situation of seeking a healthy balance between the benefits they must perform, the care of the staff and the commitments they must face.

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