The boy who wrote a letter to the police to visit his grandfather received the answer

Jonah He is eight years old and lives in the Pampas town of Victorica. Since mandatory isolation was decreed on March 20, he has not seen his grandfather “Coco”. So he wrote her a letter to the police asking for permission to travel let’s see. This afternoon he got the answer and there’s good news.

The boy asked his mother to bring the letter to the police station. He did not obtain the authorization, but the authorities promised to answer him.

So it was that this Saturday, Deputy Commissioner Edgardo Díaz Correa, went to Jonas’s house on a patrol boat and accompanied by two force motorcycles and, apart from bringing him a gift, he took him another letter with the answer.

The letter Jonah wrote to the police asking permission to go see his grandfather. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

You explained that he understood the request Because he also had small children who missed his grandparents, but he could not authorize him to travel “because the best way to take care of ourselves and take care of our loved ones is to stay at home.”

In the end, he wrote that by a decree of the Governor he will be able to visit his grandfather in Telén, 10 kilometers away where he lives. Of course, visits are from 10 to 18 hours and then you have to go home.

Jonah with his dear grandfather Joseph
Jonah with his beloved grandfather José “Coco” Montenegro. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

Finally, after so much waiting and anguish, for not seeing him, Jonah will be able to hug his beloved grandfather.

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