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Gamer activity increased a lot in recent months where different countries ordered quarantine to combat the COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus. In the mobile field there are a large number of titles of different genres to enjoy and some of the premiums were enabled free of charge for users around the world in this era where different areas of entertainment decided to help citizens who are in isolation.

Infobae Gaming compiled some of the best video games from the mobile field that can be obtained in different operating systems without paying anything. However, it should be clarified that most includes in-game microtransactionsThat is, purchases to expand the base experience or obtain features without having to wait.

The undisputed classic has its own version on cell phones and, although it may sound very simple, it is a great adaptation of the title that is almost 40 years old. Over the generations it has proven to be extremely addictive and now includes customization and scoring options for all types of gamer.

Although it usually costs just over a dollar in digital stores, Mini Metro It is free on both Android and iOS right now. The video game developed by Dinosaur Polo Club and Radial Games on the Unity engine allows users to create a network of subways from scratch in some of the most important cities in the world, such as New York, London and Paris, where the subway is a fundamental tool For transport. Players design new lines and equip them to try to meet the transportation needs of the population.

The ultimate racing game franchise in the mobile arena. Created by Gameloft, Asphalt It offers a wide variety of vehicles and tracks that are unlocked as you progress and collect points. In addition, this latest installment has a strong component designed for esports, so it offers many possibilities for competition at different skill levels.

The leap of the franchise Activision from consoles to mobile was swift, but it turned out great. The gameplay moved almost perfectly and the games work with the same fluidity as the rest of the platforms. Although it can be played directly with the cell phone, it is recommended to use some type of external control to improve the experience and free up the display of indicators and buttons a bit.

The strong point of the video game Noodlecake Studios is the visual. Players put themselves in the shoes of a character who sandboards through a desert that hides many secrets. As you go through artistically impressive landscapes, temples, canyons and other structures appear that make this trip that relaxes the senses more interesting.

Another of the best first person shooters of the last years. It proposes confrontations between teams and allows to make a group with friends, a characteristic that comes in handy in times of quarantine.

Although Nintendo has a lot of mobile franchises, Fire Emblem Heroes It is the one that best moved to this area. Pokemon GO is the least suitable game for quarantine and Mario Kart Tour it leaves a lot to be desired regarding its console versions. However, the Fire Emblem captures the essence and becomes very addictive very quickly, especially for those looking to collect absolutely everything they can.

One of the most complete free strategy games on mobile.The Battle of Polytopia It proposes an experience where users start with a small town and decide on their own how to collect and spend the resources around them over several shifts, in the best style Civilization. It includes several game modes, different customization options and extra content.

An improved version of Super Stickman Golf, which proposes a multiplayer game mode where the different competitors will seek to get to the hole first on strangely shaped maps. The competition includes powers both to counter enemies or to enhance the skills of your own balls. One of the best exponents of the genre because he does not invent too much, but uses excellent mechanics from other titles.

Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale Y Boom Beach, They are already experts in the field and they know perfectly what aesthetics and type of game is the one that performs best. Brawl Stars proposes multiplayer battles of less than three minutes and with different configurable options, where each game has a reward for changing aspects of the game or characters. It can be played cooperatively with friends and features many different game modes.

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