The amusing confession of Vero Lozano and Leo Sbaraglia: they coincide in a new habit in quarantine, although in a “prudent” way

In full quarantine the allowed ones begin to flourish. As a general screenshot, the fastest response that comes out has to do with food. You tend to give free rein to the iconic picote. Without the possibility of going to the gym or doing some physical activity -although some have an armed routine to do at home-, there are few who implement that old phrase that says: “If we do it, we do it well”. In this sense, there will be time to lose those extra pounds.

The question is to let the hours pass in the best possible way. In this, there is a place to drop the rope and take another step in what we like. One more chapter of that favorite series, one more portion of that dessert that we like so much, even, why not, the odd glass of wine or favorite drink, taking advantage of the fact that you don’t have to get up early the next day. It is always good to find the answer to the question.

In Cortá by Lozano, your driver, Veronica Lozano, he said, in the middle of a talk with Leo Sbaraglia, who at night, before going to sleep, is drinking an extra glass. Although it is a habit that he has, as a way to relax and sleep more peacefully, what he said is that now, if he wants to continue taking, he does not repress himself. “I make a confession. With this isolation, he is giving me to drink a little more. I say this without apology for crime or drinking. But in isolation you eat and drink much more than usual. “

Of course, his confession brought his entire team together in a laugh that boomed in the studio. Needless to say, Sbaraglia immediately answered and also took the opportunity to make his confession regarding drinking and I take drama from Veronica’s phrase: “It is also part of the isolation to learn to rationalize, food and also drink. But tastes must be given in life, you must relax and enjoy. In my case, I like whiskey, and some I drink, but very little ”, maintained the heartthrob.

In this to continue with the humor and televised confessions, the one who bound her rebound was the journalist and panelist of the program, Mauro Szeta. As soon as Leo said he was drinking whiskey, the entire Lozano team sent him to the front. “Like Mauro, it’s the same suit too,” is heard in the background. Before the accusation, Szeta had no choice but to say his: “What is happening to me is that I am out of stock,” he lamented. There the driver intervened and promised to give her a bottle so she doesn’t have to go shopping.

Continuing with the rules that have been implemented in much of the programming of the different media, the program of Telefe Get on with yours. For example, confessions on the couch with Lozano are made with the guest from the place where the quarantine is going.

In the case of the driver, who stated that she only leaves to go do the program and nothing else, she complies with the regulations that the Government promoted in her home in San Isidro, with her partner, George Cork Rodriguez and Antonia, the daughter they have in common.

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