The 10 most outstanding phrases of the President during the isolation announcement

The measure is in effect from midnight on Friday and ends on March 31 at 11:59 p.m. He stressed that this is an exceptional measure

After the meeting with the governors, President Alberto Fernández announced a series of measures to prevent the massive spread of coronavirus. “This is an exceptional measure,” he said.

These are his 10 most outstanding phrases:

1. “We have taken the decision to decree preventive social isolation starting at 00 am. All Argentines must submit to preventive and compulsory social isolation. No one can move from their residence, everyone has to stay at home”,

2. “We are taking care of the health of the Argentineans. We dictate this measure thinking that the economic effects are as little as possible. Until 0 on March 31”.

3. “There are allowed situations, everyone should stay at home and they will be able to go out to do what is necessary and continue living their normal lives. They will continue to have local businesses open, they will be able to go to warehouses, supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies” .

4. “We are moving the holiday from April 2 to March 30. And we are declaring the holiday a bridge for all of us to stay in our homes to avoid moving the virus from person to person.”

5. “It should be understood that from 0, the Prefecture and Gendarmerie, the federal and provincial police, will be controlling who circulates on the street. He who cannot explain what he does on the street will be subject to the sanctions that the Penal Code provides for those who violate the rules. “

6. “We are going to be inflexible. It is an exceptional measure that we take within the framework of what democracy allows. I hope that there will be better moments in the four years that I have as president.”

7. “The world is going through a unique moment, the virus is advancing with speed, first Asia, Europe, USA and that has reached Latin America,” stressed the national president.

8. “There are a series of activities that are released on this protection system in our homes: those of us who work in national, provincial and municipal governments at political leadership levels, those who work in health, security and armed forces. And there are a number of activities excluded: those who work in the production of food, drugs, and some other activities such as oil, gasoline and diesel refineries. Those who work in the media, journalists are also excepted. “

9. “We are working side by side with the City of Buenos Aires and the Province, which is where the greatest number of cases are concentrated. I have asked all governors for maximum severity. We are going to be severe because democracy does not require them” .

10. “We have defined forming a federal cabinet to solve an emerging problem that is an economic problem. The economy is going to slow down, we are going to have less collection and more fiscal problems. We are going to dictate measures in favor of the workers who are in informality and monotributistas “.

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