“That electric power is offered at fair prices”: López Obrador announced that he will defend Sener’s regulations in court

(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, this Thursday assured that his government is in favor of clean energy and that he is open to dialogue with private companies in the energy industry, however, he clarified that the national interest will be put ahead . “Let them understand that this was done before because they were allowed to.”

We are open to dialogue with everyone, but the national interest is ahead and nothing that they hire newsletters in foreign newspapers, paid insertions, although they do not put an IP, it will not make us change that, because we cannot allow corruption, then yes to dialogue and it is understood that what was done before was because they are allowed, because well they treated the officials very well, they filled them with attentions, when an official from the energy sector finished, He had secured his work in private power generation companies, “said the Mexican president.

López Obrador explained that he will defend in court the regulations of the Reliability Policy in the National Electric System. He reiterated that he is respectful of the Judiciary and will abide by its decisions, but emphasized that the State of Law already exists in the country, contrary to previous administrations.

(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)
(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

“We are going to be respectful of the legality as we have demonstrated, the Judicial Power is an autonomous and independent power, we are going to respect the decisions of judges, magistrates, ministers, there is in Mexico what you did not have before, a true Rule of Law, before it was a state of bribery, and if they ask me for the evidence I have it, but it is not relevant, it is in the public domain ”López Obrador said.

The head of the Executive listed his position before the Reliability Policy in the National Electric System: Rule of Law; 2.- In favor of clean energy; 3.- Corruption is not accepted; 4.- “We are going to defend our criteria”.

“First: there is a rule of law. Second: we are not against the generation of clean energy, We are not against it, on the contrary, we are going to promote alternative energy more and more.

(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)
(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

Third: We are against the corruption of looting and influentialism that prevailed throughout the neoliberal period in the electricity industry, which is the heart of the matter, concessions were granted, leonine contracts, which affect the national interest, which affect the people of Mexico , that harm the popular economy, because through influentialism it was agreed through compromises between private companies and public officials, the purchase of electrical energy at extremely high prices, with subsidy, it was even intended to destroy the Federal Electricity Commission, close the plants of the The Federal Electricity Commission is sub-using them, that is, not allowing them to generate energy, to give preference to plants in the private sector over all foreigners, “he explained.

López Obrador reiterated that what his government is doing with the new regulations is “putting order and that there is an even floor”, both for private companies and for the CFE.

“In these irregularities to call them softly, in these acts of corruption, preference was given to these clean energy generation companies, against the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), so what we are doing now is putting order and that there is an even floor.

Because what they complain about, that there is a preponderance of the Federal Electricity Commission or the State, is exactly what they do, because they took the CFE and the prevalence of preferential control was held by private companies against the public company ,. So there is no suspension, no contract is canceled, there are no expropriations, there is no statism, there is no nationalization of the electricity industry, as President Adolfo López Mateos did, it is that there is no corruption, because paying premiums for electricity, means that consumers have to pay more for light consumption, so what we are protecting is consumption and guaranteeing that it can be offered at fair prices, “stressed the Mexican president.

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