Textiles denounce Unicenter for not respecting health emergency

Setia, a union that gathers textile employees, claimed in that shopping center with strong criticism of the business owners of the shopping

Affiliates to the Union of Textile Industry and Related Employees (Setia) held a protest at the Unicenter shopping center related to the activity of local business premises in the midst of the national health emergency due to the pandemic.

The general secretary of the Union of Textile Industry and Related Employees (Setia) José Minaberrigaray denounced the “irresponsibility of the owners of the shopping malls, not of the companies that work there, much less of the workers.”

The union leader considered that the circumstances that the country, the region and the world are going through deserve that extreme preventive measures be taken.

“We make a complaint at Unicenter because both here and in other centers, they have workers that we protect in our organization. It is surprising that the risks for employees and the public are not yet aware. The scenario worsens if we think that the influx and agglomeration of People in confined spaces expose our workers to any type of situation. And with long weekends or preventive licenses, the risks increase much more, “he explained.

Minaberrigaray explained that the claim activated in the commercial facilities that Unicenter owns in the Buenos Aires town of Martínez, in no way signifies an irresponsible attitude of Setia against the companies that own their premises in these large commercial areas, but comes to mind “of the Leonine and inconsiderate attitude of shopping that not everyone knows. While sports activities, shows, flights, buses and more are suspended, activity in shopping malls does not stop “.

The unionist remarked that these centers increase their “habitual” abusive attitudes towards both the companies that are established there and the employees who work there. The emergence of the coronavirus at the consideration of Setia aggravates the whole framework that they explain as “habitual”.

“The shopping malls have no qualms about putting pressure on the companies that operate there in terms of contracts, hours and other issues, as well as they ignore their workers. It is really unacceptable. The pandemic and its consequences, not yet foreseeable in terms of devastating effects, aggravate something that in itself, before the coronavirus was inadmissible, “explained the owner of Setia.

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