Telenoche en Ukraine: Argentine families who subrogated a womb one step away from meeting their children

This is a love story that has already written several chapters. The first speaks of the desire to have a child. The second of his birth by belly surrogacy in Ukraine and the impossibility of traveling to look for it due to the closing of borders. And a new chapter, the dreamed one, that was written today: to be about to meet him.

It is the story of nine Argentine families who got permission to travel from Buenos Aires via Madrid to anchor in Kiev where their babies are, who were born or will be born in surrogate bellies while the coronavirus paralyzes the world. Until today, they only saw them through videos and photos.

Telenoche He spoke with them, excited and newcomers to Ukraine, and with the Argentine businessman Ricardo Fernández Nuñez who made what seemed impossible possible.

Ricardo paid for the couples’ transfer from Madrid to Kiev and unlocked a fundamental barrier for parents to be with their babies.

With overflowing joy, the next chapter will be written in a few days when every family get to know their babies not to separate anymore.

Written by Argentina News

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