TC2 deployed a special protocol to guarantee foreign trade operations

The operator of the logistics service for container loading acquired special rompers, masks, gloves and chinstraps to continue the operation.

Container Terminal 2 (TC2) reported the special deployment that it arranged at the port terminal on pier 2 of the Mar del Plata port to prevent possible infections of Covid-19 when receiving the container ship “Arsos”.

It is a boat of more than 160 meters in length serving the Maersk shipping company, which moored this morning at the overseas dock as part of its usual arrivals to operate with the cargo of foreign trade.

The operator of the logistics service for containerized cargo established a special sanitary protocol, acquired special rompers, masks, gloves and chinstraps so that administrative workers, technicians, stevedores and transporters can carry out their tasks with protection and safety. The Port Consortium also activated special measures. The ship was completely fumigated, as were the stowage machines involved in the loading and unloading operations.

“Dialoguing with Hipocoop, the cooperative that provides the service of loading and unloading containers, which had a smaller staff, with Customs staff, which also maintains a minimum staffing, we can guarantee the continuity of foreign trade and that the burden of local companies can reach their customers, “said Emilio Bustamante, one of the directors of TC2, on Thursday.

In the small square of the port terminal, the container machines moved containers from one side to the other. This Thursday, consolidated cargo continues to arrive in different refrigerators and from the “Arsos” empty containers are lowered to start the wheel and others loaded with imports.

“In total we will remove 360 ​​Teus, 204 of unloading and for now 156 of loading. Tomorrow we will only begin to upload the full reefers, the loaded containers,” explained Alberto Ovejero, the other manager of TC2.

In this sense, he regretted not being able to “load the squid from some jiggers that are moored in port but not unloaded due to a decision by the stowage union. We trust that it can be unlocked soon so that the port is not completely paralyzed“added Alberto Ovejero, also a director of TC2.

With reduced loads, with fewer staff, licensed under Presidential Decree 181/20, and in compliance with strict sanitary protocols, TC2 can maintain the operation of foreign trade from the port of Mar del Plata and contribute to the support of many exporting companies to the that it is essential for them to maintain maritime transport.

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