Tacubaya Metro tragedy: one dead and 41 wounded confirmed by the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum

After disclosing that around 11:30 p.m. the spectacular collision between two trains took place due to a possible failure in one of the convoys, the Metro Collective Transportation System launched an information card in which it was shared a preliminary balance of 41 injured people and one dead man by the sinister.

Later, this figure was confirmed by the current head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, who also reported that only 16 of the total number of injured required to be admitted to different hospital centers. Ten of them are in the Durango Sanatorium, while the others were taken to the Magdalena Salinas, Naples and Rome hospitals.

Before releasing this information, The president had a meeting with the director of the metro, Florencia Serranía; andl Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Jesús Orta Martínez; the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Víctor Hugo Romo, among other officials with whom he met to determine how the events occurred.

He explained that of the 41 wounded, 25 had to be treated for minor injuries and nervous breakdowns, without needing to be taken to the hospital. They were cared for on site and subsequently left for their destinations. A total of 17 people required hospital care, but one of them was able to get out by his own will.

So far no the causes that caused the accident are knownHowever, it was revealed that the two train drivers are among the injured.

It was also reported that the emergency medical services such as the Medical Rescue and Emergency Squad (ERUM), the Mexican Red Cross, the CDMX Heroic Fire Department and Civil Protection 38 injured were transferred to the Durango Sanatorium and one more to the Álvaro Obregón Hospital. The Polanco Red Cross later revealed that a person came to his premises.

The entrance gates to the station they were closed by security elements to prevent people from entering the accident site, various media reported that relatives of people who were in the wagons are outside the place waiting for information from the authorities.

From the moment of the accident, several of the wounded were removed on stretchers, as can be seen by Aztec TV through social media, in which paramedics carry out health care actions to support the wounded.

Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of Mexico City, reported on social networks that the corresponding investigations will begin, but now the important thing is to attend to the victims.

For its part, the Attorney General of Justice of Mexico City (FGJCDMX), reported that they started a research folder to find out the causes of the event. They also assured on their official Twitter that cells from the Office of the Deputy Attorney General for Victims and Community Services moved to the scene to provide care to victims.

Passengers who experienced the accident aboard the wagons assured Forum Tv that your convoy, stopped at the Observatory station of Line 1, he started to reverse for no apparent reason until he caught speed and ended up crashing against another train parked at Tacubaya station.

This information was also verified by the head of government, who said that:

On the details and causes of the accident, the president said that The ongoing investigation will seek to analyze the black boxes of the convoys, in addition to the participation of an international consultancy that supports the investigation., reason why specific causes of the fact cannot be disclosed.

He noted that the technical details will take weeks, “it is not something that can happen overnight”, so that when there are results, they will be announced. Claudia Sheinbaum later went to the Durango Sanatorium, where she met with the families of the victims.

About the man who died in the crash he said:

Florencia Serranía reported that they have the tools and heavy machinery to get the trains out of the station as soon as possible, but due to the accident the operation of the line from the Chapultepec station to the Observatory will be stopped. Given this, a free RTP bus service will be established so that the people who occupy the line can move to their destinations.

He assured that it seeks to regularize the Metro service, so They are reviewing damage both on roads and on platforms, in addition to collaborating with subway workers to verify its proper operation.

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