Supermarkets, delivery stores and pharmacies launch a call center for people over 70 in the city

Supermarkets, pharmacies and delivery companies offering sales over the Internet or mobile applications, decided to launch an exclusive telephone number for the attention of people over 70 who do not know how to order online.

These are companies that work exclusively with mobile applications or that offer sales through their Internet sites that decided to join a Buenos Aires government initiative for older adults, considered one of the groups most at risk from the coronavirus.

In this way, those over 70 can buy food, order food or medicine without having to leave their homes or having to deal with the cell phone.

This initiative is part of the # MayoresCuudas program, which aims to care for this group considered at risk from the coronavirus. (Photo: Mario Peredo /

Each of these companies will have its own exclusive call center to serve this group of people, and they will be part of the City Government #MayoresCuidados program.

In addition, the 147 where they can call with any questions or queries, and will receive assistance in the need to leave home. Now they can also advise on the numbers to call to place an order.

Volunteers volunteer to shop at local pharmacies and stores, pay for services, or walk pets. (Photo: AP)
Volunteers volunteer to shop at local pharmacies and stores, pay for services, or walk pets. (Photo: AP)

Of the program #MajorCare also participate 35 thousand volunteers They not only provide telephone help, but they also offer to make purchases in pharmacies and local stores, pay for services or walk pets.

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