Summit in Olivos: with the country on edge, the Government will define this afternoon the measures it will apply to contain the advance of the coronavirus

In a climate of worldwide stupor at the advance of the coronavirus, the national government turned the Quinta de Olivos into a sort of headquarters where it will finish designing its strategy to fight the battle against the disease that became a pandemic.

From 5:00 p.m., Alberto Fernández receives members of his cabinet at the presidential residence to finish shaping a series of measures that will surely set the course for Argentina to take at least for the next two weeks. The ministers Daniel Gollán, Daniel Arroyo Y Ginés González García They were the first to arrive, after 16:30. Also present head of Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

“We have a committee where the biggest infectious disease experts in Argentina are, and in the last meeting we held, which was also broadcast, we dedicated more than an hour to the treatment of the subject of schools,” the head of state commented this morning in radio statements. . “A decision must be made sensibly, this is what you have to understand, it is very important to listen to those who know in cases like this ”, he pointed out.

The measure of suspension of classes it must be accompanied by alternative non-contact teaching modalities to avoid missing school days, in addition to reprogramming the school calendars at each level.

The Economy It is another of the essential axes that will set the tone for the meeting: this morning, Alberto Fernández announced the possibility of limiting circulation on the streets – “Let’s stop Argentina for 10 days and stay in our homes,” he said, – in line with the drastic measures being taken by European countries that are at an earlier stage of the pandemic. Later, the President met with Minister Martín Guzmán to evaluate a series of measures to prevent the recession, deepened by this forced slowdown in activity, further collapse the economy. “If we can get everyone to stay at home for a whole week, the streets will be empty … but we must bear in mind that all this has economic consequences, warned the President.

Solving that dilemma is one of the challenges of this afternoon’s meeting: paralysis of activities to cut the contagion or avoid hitting an economy already in trouble at the risk of massive contagion.

The Security is another key point of the summit: the Government evaluates the closure of all land borders to slow down the progression of the coronavirus. In principle, if that drastic measure was applied, which would include the 160 land border crossings of the country, would be implemented for people, but not for merchandise. The objective of this differentiation is to mitigate the impact on the economy. It remains to be resolved what the methodology will be to ensure compliance with this objective. What force will be in charge of its execution. Does it reach with the Gendarmerie and Prefecture forces?

The development of social life and how to manage the times so as not to generate a psychosis will also be in debate. “Everything we can do to restrict public gatherings, go to the theater, go to the movies, welcome be. We’re analyzing the possibility of making a cut at some point, that people can stay at home and thus avoid the circulation of the virus. We are looking for the moment “, Fernández remarked this morning.

Another relevant item is the transport: On Friday the creation of a “Crisis committee” to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the land, rail and river service. Anyway, there are many doubts that persist about how to continue in this sense, with the agglomeration of people that usually occurs in the different units. The possible declaration of a mandatory quarantine would have a full impact on this aspect, but we will have to wait for the official announcement.

In Argentina there has been until now 45 people infected with the coronavirus and two died, but the statistics will continue to rise day by day and the President is clear: “We must forget our differences and take care of ourselves. The sooner we stop this, the less risky the winter will be. I cannot guarantee that the disease does not progress, but we can avoid new victims

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