Step by step: this was the terrible train crash of the Metro at the Tacubaya station

On the night of this Tuesday, March 10, a terrible train crash occurred at the Tacubaya station on Line 1 of the Metro, which runs from Pantitlán to Observatorio.

Minutes before the collision, one of the trains made a maneuver to park at Observatory, station that is before Tacubaya and the last one on L1.

The control of controls was deactivated and the train slipped in contradiction on the long slope until hitting the other train that he was stationed in Tacubaya.

The spectacular accident occurred around 23:37 hours between train number 33 and train number 38, according to the Collective Transport System (STC), Metro.

Shortly after the collision, users who were inside the Metro or that they traveled in the trains that collided, they supported themselves with tubes to open the doors of the convoys and began to remove some people who were trapped and injured.

The first testimonies, photos and videos of the tragedy circulated on social networks. One person reported that the lights in one of the convoys went out and the train began to slide backward, then released and hit the other.

The balance of the tragedy on the platforms was one dead and 41 wounded, of whom 25 were treated at the station and did not require a transfer, as they had minor injuries.

At 00:30 emergency services of the Medical Rescue and Emergency Squadron (ERUM) arrived, Red Cross and Civil Protection in the vicinity of the Tacubaya Metro to transfer the injured.

Too The Heroic Fire Department and ambulances of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office arrived where the station that connects with line 1, line 7 and line 9 of the Metro is located.

Near At 01:00 in the morning, the head of the government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, arrived at the scene. who confirmed that a male person died at the scene and 16 injured people had to be transferred to various hospitals.

Sheinbaum highlighted that 11 wounded were treated at the Durango Sanatorium; two in Magdalena de las Salinas; one at the Polanco Red Cross; one at the Nápoles clinic and one at the Roma Sanatorium.

He explained that the impact between the two trains occurred when the convoy that was heading towards the Observatory had a reverse slip and hit the train that was parked in Tacubaya.

This morning, Fernando Espino, leader of the Union of Metro Workers, stressed that the train that collided with the other convoy was left without control controls and slid backwards.

“The problem was that, making a maneuver to park one of the trains at the Observatory, it did not cover the corridor and the train ran out of controls, without control of controls; Powertrains are deactivated and the train slips. As it is a long slope, it slides in contradiction and is hit by another train that we had at the Tacubaya station, ”he said in an interview for GFormula group.

A research protocol will analyze the reasons for crash at the Tacubaya station, For this, an expert opinion will be carried out on the black boxes.

The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office has the black boxes in custody to carry out such expert opinions.

In addition, an international certifier will also carry out a technical analysis of the situation.

Due to the rehabilitation works at the Tacubaya station, the Metro announced that it will not provide service at four transport stations.

Therefore, from Observatorio to Chapultepec will not offer service, but RTP services will be available.

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