Spain, a coronavirus NIGHTMARE: 1,000 dead

The authorities admitted that they are overwhelmed with the advance of the virus. The president of that country warned that “the worst is yet to come”

The Spanish authorities admitted that they are “overwhelmed” against the coronavirus. As they warn, there is a shortage of protection materials for doctors and workers, as well as the “rapid tests” to be carried out throughout Spain, where the epidemic does not stop, after having exceeded 1,000 deaths and almost 20,000 infections.

The Prime Minister himself, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, warned this week that “the worst is yet to come”, As experts predict that infections will continue to increase, which will put enormous pressure on the health system, since more people will need hospitalization.

The Spanish Army is directly involved in the coronavirus health operation, mainly with disinfection of train stations, airports and penitentiary centers throughout the country.

“I can say that we are overwhelmed“Defense Minister Margarita Robles admitted in radio statements, highlighting the support of the armed forces in this crisis.

On social networks, there are numerous Spanish doctors who warn that The situation is chaotic in some hospitals and they support the government’s message: “Staying at home saves lives.”

In the emergency services and in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) there are not enough respirators for all patients who need it and, in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the doctors warn in anguish that soon they will have to decide “who dies and who lives”.

Strong deployment

Despite the deployment of resources in recent days, some Spanish hospitals, especially in the Community of Madrid, the region most affected by the coronavirus epidemic, continue in a situation that local doctors describe as “desperate”.

To decompress the care of Madrid hospitals, the Ifema convention center will be converted into a large hospital with 5,500 beds, authorities said.

In the rest of the country, Catalonia, the second region with the most infections, also warned of the lack of resources to deal with the coronavirus, although the Catalan president, Quim Torra, said that between Sunday and Monday they will receive a “massive supply of sanitary material”.

“We are buying (protection kits) from all sides, but there is a global lack,” explained the Minister of Health, Salvador Illia, before confirming that 1.5 million pieces of equipment will arrive in Spain from Germany and others in the coming days. countries, according to the agency Télam.

The person in charge of Health also informed that shortly the rapid tests for the coronavirus will be carried out throughout the national territory, starting with the places that are the highest priority.

The authorities are aware that they do not have the real photograph of the epidemic, since diagnostic tests are not carried out on people with milder symptoms, who are asked to quarantine their homes.

However, the daily data survey allows to have a trend in the evolution of the disease.

“In Spain there are currently 19,980 cases, 2,833 more”, but “it is a substantially smaller increase than the one observed yesterday (25%), representing 16%,” said Fernando Simón, director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of Spain, in the daily videoconference in which the data on the epidemic is updated.

Simon reiterated, however, that “the most difficult days begin now”, since it is going to enter the second week of confinement and it is necessary “to maintain the tension, to be able to control the epidemic before.”

The Spanish population will enter this Saturday in its second week of almost total confinement, under the state of alarm decreed by the government last Saturday before the uncontrolled advance of the Covid-19 epidemic.

For now, the authorities celebrate that the vast majority of citizens are acting civically

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