Silvana Prince cheated on Eugenio Derbez: Vadhir’s mother confessed her infidelity to the comedian

Vadhir Derbez and his mother, Silvana Prince

Silvana Prince, the mother of actor Vadhir Derbez, confessed that he was unfaithful to Eugenio Derbez.

As part of a dynamic between Prince and his son, in which they made some revelations, for example about their consumption of marijuanaSilvana accepted that she was unfaithful.

To Vadhir’s surprise when he saw that his mother accepted having been unfaithful on several occasions, Prince assured:

I was tremendously fiancee, tremendously flirtatious. Ok, so they know, I did cheat on your dad, before he did

Silvana Prince confessed to her son (IG: vadhird)
Silvana Prince confessed to her son (IG: vadhird)

In the same dynamic mother and son admitted to having used marijuana and Vadhir revealed that it is nephew of sports presenter Enrique “El Perro Bermúdez”, Well, his aunt Leticia – Silvana’s sister, is the driver’s wife and they even have a son named Vadhir.

Silvana thus referred to another revelation she made last week regarding Eugenio.

Through a YouTube video of Vadhir, Silvana spoke extensively about her romance with Eugenio. They met at a beauty contest in Puebla where she mistaken him for a magician. “He asked me for my phone, I went on tour for a few days and when I came back he looked for me and clung to me like vile gum. We lasted almost four years, until the middle of 91 ”.

He put down speculations that his with Derbez would have been fleeting, as he even said that during her relationship with him she lost a baby.

Photo: Cuartoscuro - Vadhir Derbez / Youtube screenshot - Cuartoscuro
Photo: Cuartoscuro – Vadhir Derbez / Youtube screenshot – Cuartoscuro

About the reasons Prince and Derbez split up, she was clear in saying that it was due to the actor’s infidelity with Victoria Ruffo, with whom she had another child.

“You were five months old when Victoria was already pregnant. So obviously I told him ‘you are going to have to pack your rags because I am not one to be left behind,’ ”he revealed.

Prince believes that the meeting between Derbez and Ruffo occurred during a special theater performance that she was unable to attend because she was about to give birth.

“I make the calls, I invite half the people for the press and one of them was your brother’s mother, I called her to invite her. That night I was not there, but I think it was when your father slipped, I didn’t believe it until I realized it and that night I said ‘bye’ because he was in my apartment, ”he recalled.

Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio Derbez do not have a good relationship (Twitter and Cuartoscuro)
Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio Derbez do not have a good relationship (Twitter and Cuartoscuro)

Prince’s version of Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo is different from the one they have shared.

According to Derbez, he approached Victoria Ruffo for the first time when she was working on the soap opera. Just mary (1989), together with his mother Silvia Derbez.

The actor revealed in an interview with his son José Eduardo that both Silvia and other people told him that Ruffo was asking about him, so he decided to go to the forum and start talking to the actress.

However, Victoria ruled out that it was she who asked about him, but that the actor took as a pretext the visits to the forum to his mother to flirt with her.

Ruffo had his son José Eduardo with Derbez
Ruffo had his son José Eduardo with Derbez

Finally they talked and agreed to go out, but that first date with Ruffo was difficult for Derbez: “Back then I had no money. What’s more, I was a pesero, I didn’t have a car, I didn’t even have a taxi, I had already become independent from my parents, I didn’t want to ask them for money and I earned very little, ”he said.

“Then I come to my appointment with Victoria Ruffo at a restaurant in Palmas, of course I come by weight … I see the prices on the menu and I had cash, because I didn’t have a card in those days, so I started to get scared. And he says to me: ‘What are you going to want?’, And when I saw the prices I said to him: ‘You ask, because I am wrong and I already ate, but I am chopping what you ask for’ … What happens is that it was not enough “

In the end, Derbez barely completed the money to pay the bill and it was not enough for him to leave a tip or for his ticket back home. Victoria offered to take him to a taxi stand and he agreed.

“He takes me to a taxi stand that was there two blocks away, I get off and he says, ‘I’ll wait for you to get on.’ I get in the taxi and the taxi driver tells me: ‘Where to young’ and I say: ‘right now, wait a little while and right now I tell you’… and since your mom starts, I say: ‘Young man, excuse me I don’t have money, I’m sorry’ ”.


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