Siemens reveals its plan to compete in a new “green business”

Given the changes that are happening in the market of energy generation, Siemens presented in 2019 a plan to divest itself of its electricity and gas business with the aim of creating an independent company that will become a major player at renewable generation sector.

Globally, the new company began operating last March while in Argentina It has just been presented in society as a necessary tool when facing the transition from conventional to renewable energy.

In full coronavirus pandemic and despite the security measures established by the Government that affect the economy of 90% of the corporate sector, the german group thus lands in a business segment such as that of renewable energy that seeks to develop more and more in the country.

The new one independent power company will operate under the name of Siemens Energy and in its business offering, it includes oil and gas solutions, gas and steam turbines and offshore and offshore wind turbines in its portfolio.

Your goal this year aims to become a major actor in the offer of products that help the climate protection, which has become a top priority issue on the world agenda.

From the company they assure that from the varied and growing portfolio in the field of renewable energyThey will be able to anticipate the technological processes that allow reducing carbon emissions and offer tailored solutions to countries with increasing energy needs.

In this context, the local operation seeks to focus entirely on covering the entire energy value chain from a company whose CEO for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay will be Javier Pastorino.

New structure

Siemens Energy It will have no links with the rest of the group’s commercial segments in the country, such as “Digital Industries” (“DI”) and “Smart Infrastructure” (“SI”).

These two areas will operate in the organization Siemens Industrial, to drive the strategy in technologies and services in the areas of automation, IoT, cybersecurity, software, intelligent infrastructure and digital transformation under the command of Alejandro Köckritz.

According to spokesmen for Siemens Energy, the organizational structure will allow the creation of two new independent players, strictly focused on covering the entire value chain of their respective clients in each of their markets.

In the case of Siemens EnergyThe strategy is based on competing strongly in electricity and fossil fuels and renewable energy, based on the challenge that climate change and the demand for energy have been posing, which in turn pose the obligation to significantly reduce CO 2 emissions.

Given this scenario, the Siemens Energy portfolio It will offer solutions to enable its clients to obtain the best possible energy mix with the additional objective of participating in the global energy agenda.

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You plan to create this new energy company date from May 2019, when the board The European group made its intentions to give life to a company that would house its spin-off gas and energy business, as well as the company’s capital in the Siemens Gamesa wind turbine subsidiary, official.

Based on pro forma performance, the operations that go into the hands of the brand Siemens Energy currently contribute a combined income of 27,000 million euros, with a total order book of 70 million euros and 88,000 employees worldwide, including Argentina.

According to the Siemens Energy creation document, the company will be independent, will be listed on the main international stock exchanges and, among its assets, it inherits the shares that Siemens owns in the market-leading wind energy business, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.

With the combination of conventional and renewable power generation, oil and gas activities and power transmission it will be, its executives say, “An attractive and focused company with a unique capacity in the industry”.

Round business

How Siemens EnergyThe plan also includes closely monitoring the continued growth of gas as a fuel, not only for power generation, but for heating and industrial demand, which in turn drives a growing demand for compression equipment.

On the power generation side, the company considers that the market continues to weaken due to the lack of economic viability from new combined cycle power plant projects in most of the world and a strong boost from energy applications that depend on liquefied natural gas, in addition to the large number of network operators that are updating their pipeline networks to prepare for the use of hydrogen as a carbon neutral gas to be mixed with natural gas.

A great example of this is the Siemens project in Brazil which, once completed, will provide clean and accessible energy four million people in the neighboring country.

In the longer term, the vision of the executives of Siemens Energy They focus on better prospects for renewable energy generation companies. A trend that is also seen in a shift from dependence on larger turbines to more flexible solutions.

Another area where it will focus its development is in digitization so that utilities that take advantage of cloud computing can increasingly reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and lower costs.

In this case, the company goes on to market its Omnivise Fleet Management solutions, a modular suite of applications that can be deployed on pre-existing power generation infrastructures, which provide information in the form of asset diagnostics, performance monitoring, and optimized operations that enable increase efficiency by up to 4% and decrease in maintenance costs by up to 10%.

Date published: May 18, 2020

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