Shopping mall employees casseroles for customers to go home

Employees of the different businesses shopping malls from the City of Buenos Aires started a surprise casserole to ask customers to leave the premises, due to the advance of coronavirus.

The measure was replicated in Alto Palermo, Paseo Alcorta and Galerías Pacífico, the latter being one of the most popular tourist attractions.

In the afternoon, dozens of videos of clients and employees of different commercial chains began to circulate on the internet, drawing the attention of users. In them you could see workers hitting what they had on hand to the cry of “Their houses”.

The initiative aims to shopping mall closure for fear that the concentration of people, which represents a focus of contagion and spread of the pandemic.

“Spontaneous casserole in Alto Palermo to close the shopping in the face of the emergency and the circulation of tourists who do not know what date they enter the country. It is not xenophobia but a bit of fear / caution,” explained a user on Twitter. along with a video showing the situation.

“In Galerias Pacifico as well. The security of Shopping did not let in,” announced another Internet user.

Seeing what was happening, employees from Paseo Alcorta and Tortugas Mall replicated the initiative.

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