“Several international airlines will not return to Argentina in a long time,” warned an aeronautical executive

The Vice President for the Americas of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Peter Cerdá He warned about the impact that the government’s decision to prevent the sale of tickets until September 1 will generate in the sector. “If the Argentine government does not take concrete measures to change the restriction on the prohibition of ticket sales until September, several international airlines will not return to Argentina in a long time “, he pointed.

Last week the Government decided that from September 1st there will be commercial flights in Argentina. Only after that date can tickets be sold with the prior authorization of the regulator.

“The reprogramming of operations it will be subject to the effective lifting of the restrictions imposed on air commercial transport and to the modalities of operation that may be established in due course on the orderly exit of the emergency generated by the new Coronavirus, “expanded the norm prepared by the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC).

The IATA Vice President spoke in reference to the measure and, interviewed by The nation, He assured that “what Argentina has done to extend the quarantine until May 10, but restrict air transport to May 1 without being able to sell tickets it does not agree with what other countries do globally. “

“There are 180 countries that took concrete action and closed all or part of their borders. 87 percent of regular operations worldwide are affected and most of the movement is a freighter. But no country in the world made the decision to have the planes on the ground until September “, Cerdá said, consulted by journalists Diego Cabot and Delfina Torres Cabreros.

The executive assured that the Government did not explain the reason for the measure and announced that, if it extends until September, “The economic impact will be 3 billion with 18,500 jobs at risk.”

“I am sure that if the Argentine government does not take measures to help the sector, there will be unfortunate consequences and some of these companies will not return to the Argentine market in a long time,” he said. Cerdá explained that it has to do with a competitiveness issue: “The air travel when it reactivates is going to be much smaller than it was at the time we stopped, airlines are going to have to decide where they fly And that will depend on the conditions that the governments implement in health, operations and costs. “

In addition, he said that they asked the Government to eliminate the COUNTRY tax “If you want to stimulate the market a little so that the Argentine travels and foreigners come to the country.” They also called for relief on airport, overflight and landing costs, but explained that so far they have received no response.

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