Sebastián Yatra is grateful for what he learned from Tini Stoessel

Sebastián Yatra showed that he respects Tini Stoessel a lot (Photo: Special)

It seems that not all celebrity couples end up on bad terms. This was demonstrated Sebastián Yatra, who far from speaking ill of his ex-girlfriend or making unpleasant comments, showed that he highly respects Tini Stoessel.

During an interview with the magazine Elle, Yatra talked about how the actress and singer changed her life for good.

I have always told her and always will. Thanks to her I have learned to take care of myself a little more. And that is everything. I made so many decisions for the artist that sometimes I forgot the human being that I am also, ”he told the publication.

The Colombian, who premiered together with the Morat group the song “Bajo la mesa” last Thursday, confessed that he has used confinement to reflect on life and to meditater.

This time has allowed the singer to see into the future (Photo: File)
This time has allowed the singer to see into the future (Photo: File)

This period of pause has been an opportunity to reflect on what we have done well and what we have done wrong, to also be reborn as a society“He explained.

But this does not mean that the desire to go out is not there, as he has already made plans for both trips and professional projects.

“The first thing I would like to do when this is over is to hug them and see them all. Tour the world with my music. On my priority list, number one is touring to Spain. In fact, this is already planned. That this can happen is what fills me with hope now. Later, in September, the idea is to participate with Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin on a tour of different cities in United States“, advancement.

But the closure did not mean being bored, as he celebrated the first million streams on Spotify on his Instagram account for his new single with Morat. In addition to this, the singer also used his free time to make a special appearance in the music video for “Contigo” by the Mexican Danna Paola.

Both Stoessel and Yatra made a statement with their fans (Photo: File)
Both Stoessel and Yatra made a statement with their fans (Photo: File)

The separation

Since different versions of Yatra and Stoessel began to run in early April they were already in moments of crisis within their relationship. But it was not until last week that Argentina decided to clarify things once and for all.

We wanted to tell you that with Sebastián we decided to end the relationship. We live beautiful moments, but sometimes things do not happen as one imagines them ”, wrote the actress.

But since then it was seen that the separation had been peaceful, since the Argentine described the relationship as one full of beautiful moments.

“Today we feel that this is the best decision for both of us and all the beautiful memories will always remain in our hearts. Thank you for giving us so much love, we love you very much“He added.

The couple had problems since April (Photo: Prensa Telefe)
The couple had problems since April (Photo: Prensa Telefe)

Stoessel had explained how “distressing” it was to live away from the Colombian during isolation. The ex Violet he was in Buenos Aires, complying with the mandatory quarantine while Yatra was in Medellín.

“It is not the same to speak in person and have physical contact. We haven’t seen each other for a long time and it’s very hard“He admitted, even though he remembered that distant love affairs had not been strange to him in the past. “It always happened to me. Not only with my boyfriends, but also with my family and my friends, ”he said, but stressed that – due to the pandemic – the circumstance this time was completely different. “It is even rarer because we have the uncertainty of what will happen to the world. No one knows when the borders will open


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