Scandal in Recoleta by a DJ playing music: “I’m going to keep playing on weekends”

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon the DJ Patricio zambrano accommodates the equipment on the balcony of his Recoleta apartment and music plays for an hour for the neighbors. The initiative, which began with the quarantine, is repeated every weekend and has the support of many, but in the last week several reported it for “annoying noises” and the police had to intervene.

“I put music for all ages and tastes for an hour on weekends”, Zambrano assured and said that, as a result of the complaints, the Police went to his house and asked him to stop doing it to avoid conflicts.

Due some neighbors took to the streets to demonstrate in favor of the DJ: there was applause and even a saucepan.

“I live in that corner and I am excited to feel the music,” said one woman in support of the initiative. “I come every weekend to listen to music while keeping my distance, I think it’s not bad”, counted another man.

The DJ, who broadcasts the music ritual live through social media, assured that he always asks neighbors not to go outside to see it.

In addition, he assured that it was only one person who called to report it repeatedly. “He complains about any noise and when I start playing music, in 10 seconds he calls the police. I already spoke to that person, but he doesn’t understand it,” he told the media.

Neighbors from the area came to see DJ Patricio Zambrano on his balcony. (Photo: TN capture)
Neighbors from the area came to see DJ Patricio Zambrano on his balcony. (Photo: TN capture)

However, police sources informed than several neighbors who contacted 911 and with the Public Prosecutor’s Office 21 to report annoying noises.

“They are calls that go from 18 to 22. The problem is that when the police mobile arrives, the complainants are not there to ratify the complaint,” they explained.

No one knows what the outcome of the conflict will be. For now, the DJ assured that the weekend will return to music. Police sources informed this media that they will not advance in the complaint until a neighbor comes to verify it in person.

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