Riot and Coke think they figured out what leveling up tastes like

Coca-Cola has found a way for you to level up in real life. In collaboration with Riot Games and to celebrate League of Legendsthe two companies have developed a non-alcoholic drink that they claim matches the taste of experience points.

(Author’s note: There are many different words that people use around the world to refer to non-alcoholic beverages. As an American, especially a Midwestern American, I will henceforth use what I know the word is a TRUE morphology: pop.)

Coke calls the drink Ultimate Zero Sugar and, starting June 7 and running through July 18, League players can unlock themed rewards by completing in-game missions. Here’s how you can get the cosmetics:

The pop will be available in the US, Canada, China, South Korea, Latin America and Africa with (and it’s the most American thing ever) a full of sugar version also coming to North America.

The edge asked for a sample of the pop and will report if anyone’s writing powers increase by +1.

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