Ricardo Salinas broke the silence: “It was my obligation” to propose a different route to the coronavirus

Entrepreneur Ricardo Salinas Pliego has an estimated fortune of USD11.7 billion, according to estimates from Forbes magazine.

The companies that make up Salinas Group they continued their work despite the health emergency, since the businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego, president of said conglomerate, so requested. At the time, he called to put aside the fear of the coronavirus and continue working.

The fifth richest man in Mexico mentioned that his proposal was criticized for facing the current context, which he described as the biggest shock, but considered that “alternative ideas were conspicuous by their absence

He related in a meeting he held with executives and employees of Grupo Salinas that he was questioned for proposing a different route to the coronavirus pandemic and replied that he did because it was his obligation as a Mexican, as a citizen and for the love he has for Mexico.

“What I missed was not the violent, aggressive, insulting response. What surprised me is that nobody proposed another solution, a third, a fourth, a fifth alternative. No, ”said Salinas Pliego, who has a fortune for USD 11,700 million, according to magazine estimates Forbes.

Companies grouped by Grupo Salinas (Photo: Grupo Salinas)
Companies grouped by Grupo Salinas (Photo: Grupo Salinas)

The subsidiaries continued their work due to the justification that they belonged to the essential sector to ensure the functioning of the national economy. In financial matters, it has Azteca Bank; in telecommunications and media it has Totalplay and Aztec TV, for example.

Ricardo Salinas emphasized that thanks to syour employees continued working, “no client was left without access to their savings, families can collect the remittances they received from their relatives in the United States. In addition, entertainment and information options were maintained and users had the internet. ”

It should be noted that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador unveiled the companies that failed to comply with sanitary measures and Grupo Salinas did not mention any, although the media have reported cases of coronavirus in the company’s offices, and photos of how employees did not have protective equipment were also leaked.

“Mexico and our millions of clients need us, this is not the time to falter or hesitate […] We will abide by the provisions issued by the authorities, because it is time to collaborate“Emphasized the Mexican billionaire and added that” the difficult path is only taken by leaders. ”

Ricardo Salinas is part of the advisory council of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Photo: File)
Ricardo Salinas is part of the advisory council of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Photo: File)

It should be noted that the businessman is part of the business group that are advisers to Andrés Manuel López Obrador. In addition, their companies have managed to be suppliers to the federal government, for example, their banking institution was selected for the distribution of resources from social programs.

On Monday, May 11, Salinas Pliego expressed his respect for the president via Twitter and celebrated his work in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I recognize and respect Mr. President López Obrador for his democratic spirit and respect for freedom of expression. Aware of the difficulties that are being experienced, I celebrate the government’s commitment and efforts to take care of all lives at medical and economic risk ”, he published on his official Twitter account.

Also I know promised to continue with the essential activities of the company, “Complying with all hygiene measures, we continue to stand by the millions of Mexicans who trust and count on us.”


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