Quarantine: wanted to enter the country with the domestic worker in the trunk

Despite the preventive social isolation that President Alberto Fernández decreed throughout the country for the advance of coronavirus, a neighbor of Tandil tried to enter the country where he lives with his domestic servant hidden inside the trunk of the car. However, it was discovered by the Police and will now be investigated for non-compliance with the established restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease.

It all started around 10 this Monday, when the country security personnel heard noises coming from inside the vehicle of one of the neighbors. So they decided to report to 101.

According to information, the person believed that he would be able to enter the private neighborhood without problems, since only the cars belonging to the visits are reviewed there. With that certainty, She wanted to enter the domestic employee in the trunk so that she would work during the quarantine without being discovered. The denounced neighbor, for his part, defended himself and said that the woman was in the passenger seat.

Upon arriving at the scene, the Police of the First Section of Tandil verified the situation and contacted the prosecutor on duty to find out if it was appropriate to arrest him. And while the measure has not been ordered so far, Justice launched an investigation to determine if the man violated article 205 of the Penal Code, which provides for a prison sentence of 6 months to 2 years for those who “violate the measures adopted by the competent authority to prevent the introduction or spread of an epidemic.”

After the episode, the man remains at home complying with quarantine established by the Government, awaiting an upcoming summons to testify about what happened. Meanwhile, the officers escorted the domestic worker to her home, where she will also continue to carry out the total isolation ordered.

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