Quarantine: tips to avoid contagion through food

When cooking, it is not enough to protect yourself from the coronavirus by washing your hands well, using gel alcohol and sneezing in the elbow crease. Food can also be a source of contagion. To avoid this, here are some tips to follow in the kitchen.

1 – It is essential that you wash your hands before, during and after to finish with the kitchen.

Wash your hands well (Shutterstock Photo)

2 – Use different boards and knives for cutting raw meats and cooked foods. If you don’t have several different ones, wash and dry them well after each use. This advice is valid for when the pandemic has passed.

3 – I ate the peeled fruit And, if you are going to wash it, do it well under the tap water.

4 – Cook food above 80 ° to remove the virus.

5 – Will refrigerate food at the right temperature and do not subject it to sudden changes.

6 – To stop in the refrigerator, the raw food from the cooked, in well differentiated spaces and keep them separate.

7 – Don’t keep a plate cooked more than 2 hours outside the refrigerator.

Wash food well before eating (Photo Shutterstock)
Wash food well before eating (Photo Shutterstock)

8 – Avoid the cross contamination of raw food with cooked.

9 – Avoid consuming raw animal products or undercooked.

10 – Use disposable kitchen paper to dry your hands after washing instead of a brush.

eleven – Wash regularly wipes and rags.

12 – Frequently clean surfaces where you handle food, such as boards, and the utensils you use.

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